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How to Set the Parameters of LED Display Control Card?


When setting the software parameters of the led display control card, you often encounter some problems. For example, don't know how to set the parameters, what the password is, can’t find the software, etc. Different manufacturers of control cards have different parameter items. Meiyad has classified it into three categories: basic parameters, auxiliary parameters and core parameters.

Outdoor led display control software has three parameters:

Firstly, basic parameters

If the the basic parameters settings are incorrect, communication or display will not be possible or the display will be abnormal. The basic parameters include 10 items including display width and height, control card address, baud rate, IP address, port number, MAC address, subnet mask, gateway, refresh frequency and shift clock frequency.

Second, auxiliary parameters

Auxiliary parameters are parameters set for better display and control, including control card name, communication display mark, brightness and screen switching time.

Third, core parameters

The core parameters are necessary parameters for the outdoor led display. If the settings are incorrect, the display may not be displayed at all, or the screen may be burned out. The core parameters include cascade direction, OE polarity, data polarity, display type, color, scanning method, point order and row order, a total of 8 items.

LED display control software parameter configuration method:

For the configuration of basic parameters and auxiliary parameters, input boxes and selection boxes are provided. After the user inputs and selects, they can connect to the display screen and set directly. As for the core parameters, it can be completed using three methods: professional quick check, intelligent configuration and external file configuration.

1. Professional quick check

For common and commonly used models of led screens, the parameters are generally fixed. In this case, they can be organized into files or tables in advance, and the configuration can be loaded during debugging.

2. Intelligent configuration

For uncommon or uncertain led displays whose parameters are unknown, intelligent configuration can be used to determine their configuration parameters and then be saved for later use.

3. External file configuration

Import smart configuration or other external files built into the configuration.

Among the three configuration methods of core parameters, intelligent configuration is a more important configuration method. Its main processes and functions are as follows:

1. Start smart configuration.

2. Through the wizard, the user and the led display can make human-computer interaction selections and start the intelligent configuration operation by filling in the initial parameters, determining the OE polarity/data polarity, determining the color, determining the scanning method, determining the point sequence, and determining the row. sequence and generate configuration parameters to complete the determination of core parameters.

3. Return to intelligent configuration parameters.

4. Connect the display and set parameters.

5. If correct, perform output parameter operation.

6. Select the external file and save it for later downloading. At this point, the intelligent configuration of the display screen is completed.

Summary: The outdoor led display needs to be correctly configured with more than 20 parameters before it can be lit. You can imagine how cumbersome and complex it is. If the settings are incorrect, the display may not be displayed at all, or the display screen may be burned, causing significant economic losses and delays in construction. Therefore, it is understandable that some led display control software is complex in design and inconvenient to use for the sake of caution and stability.

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