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Meiyad Tell You How To Install Outdoor LED Display


When you want to buy an outdoor LED display, it is very important to quickly understand the installation process and precautions, which can reduce 83% maintenance troubles for your LED display screen, thus prolonging the service life of the outdoor billboard display.

Let's quickly understand:

1) Four Steps for the installation of led displays for outdoor billboards

The first step: Fixing of outdoor LED display

When determining the high-level installation position, building a complete “cuboid” solid steel structure and adding a bracket on the back of the display screen is necessary.

In this installation step, the entire outdoor LED display can be firmly supported for a long time.

Step 2: Install the cabinet of the outdoor LED display

The LED display screen is a large screen made up of individual cabinets.

As long as any LED box is connected to the power supply, it becomes a small LED display that can display content and text.

In this step, you only need to install these “small rectangular blocks” in the calculated steel structure space.

Step 3: Power on and debug the outdoor LED display

After the LED cabinet of the outdoor LED display is installed, it needs to be connected to the power supply, and then debug and test whether each screen is lit up, whether the screen display is clear and the color is correct, etc.

In this step, in addition to debugging, you also need to check whether the lamp beads are damaged in different monochromatic displays.

Step 4: Decoration of Outdoor LED Display

The decoration of outdoor LED display screens is generally determined according to the building and the surrounding environment. For example, the decoration in the outdoor children’s playground will be more cute and exciting. If it is in the shopping mall, the high-end fashion decoration will give extra points to the advertisement.

In this step, it is still visually beautiful, making the LED display screen integrated with the external building, making it more attractive.

how to install outdoor led screen?

2) 5 Useful Outdoor LED Screen Installation Tips

1. Installation of lightning protection devices on display screens and buildings

Do you know why you need to install lightning protection devices?

The LED display is easily “attacked” by ultra-high voltage electricity, which instantly burns out the internal electronic equipment.

Yes, if there is no lightning protection device, when there is a thunderstorm, most of the lightning power is 1-1 billion joules. In other words, just ordinary lightning is about 280 kWh, far beyond various countries’ voltage. Standard, even the highest voltage standard in the UK in Europe is only 240V, while the voltage standard in other countries is between 120 and 220V, which is very easy to burn out the internal structure of the LED display.

Therefore, to protect the electronic components inside the LED, it is necessary to install a lightning arrester.

2. LED display installation waterproof device

LED displays installed outdoors are greatly affected by the environment, so they must have solid environmental resistance.

The most taboo thing for electronic equipment is to get wet with water. Water is fluid and very conductive, and it is easy to burn out the circuit when disturbed by water.

In addition, the damage caused by water to electronic products is easy to rust. Once the electronic products are rusted, the circuit will lose its electrical conductivity.

Therefore, after the first storm, please check whether the screen is leaking. If there is, please use a hair dryer to dry it. It is important to keep the LED display dry and prevent water from flowing into the electronic equipment in the box. (If there is a water leakage problem, for the sake of safety, you must find a professional to find out the cause)

3. Selection of circuit chips

The circuit chip chooses to resist the temperature of the external environment. If the extreme temperature climate is encountered, a good industrial-grade circuit chip can operate normally even if the operating temperature is between minus 40 degrees Celsius and 80 degrees Celsius.

We often see the fire or crash of the LED display screen in a high-temperature environment or the start of the LED display screen in a low-temperature environment; this is because the circuit chip of good quality is not selected. Of course, there are other reasons, such as very few in the later stage, maintenance, prolonged use, etc.

Therefore, it is very important to have a circuit chip that can adjust according to the outdoor ambient temperature.

4. Install cooling equipment

Even if there is a good circuit chip, why does the outdoor LED display box need cooling equipment?

The main reason is that the screen will generate a certain amount of heat when it is powered on and working. If the heat cannot be discharged and accumulated to a certain extent, the internal temperature will become higher and higher, which can cause serious burns and make the display screen unable to run the job.

Therefore, do a good job of internal ventilation and heat dissipation measures of the LED screen to keep the internal temperature between 10 degrees and 40 degrees, which is beneficial to the life of the outdoor LED display.

Although there are many cooling systems in the outdoor LED display, due to the changeable and extreme environment, in countries with high temperatures and high heat, air conditioners are generally installed inside to cool down, which is safer and more stable.

5. Choose ultra luminous light emitting diodes

The biggest reason for choosing ultra-high luminosity light-emitting lamp beads is the display effect, which will not affect the displayed advertising content because of the high-brightness sunlight outside. The internal photosensitive chip adjusts the brightness according to the environment.

When the brightness of the outdoor LED display is not enough, in a hot and bright environment, the displayed content will have problems such as light color and blur.

The choice of waterproofing, cooling system, and brightness need to be explained here. When purchasing, you need to explain these data to the merchant or manufacturer of the display screen. For example, IP65 is required for waterproofing; several fans are installed in the cooling system, etc. What type of lamp is it? Beads all need to be figured out.

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