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Deep Analysis of Rental LED Screen


Rental led screens are LED displays specially used for stage performances and cultural activities. Its name is rental led screen, which means that it usually takes the form of rental. The ideal fusion of technology and media is the rental led display, which takes the stage and stage beauty by storm. However, many buyers do not know how to choose high quality rental led screens due to insufficient understanding of rental led screens.

So what should you pay attention to when purchasing rental led screens? Generally speaking, the quality of rental led display screens can be identified from the following 6 aspects:

1. Power supply stability

The power supply is the heart of the LED display. High-quality LED power supplies have the following 6 characteristics:

1) High reliability: save expensive maintenance costs.

2) High efficiency: high efficiency, small power loss, less heat generation, lowering the temperature and preventing the entire electronic screen from overheating.

3) High power factor: The power grid requires high power factor to handle the load. Even if a single small-power electrical device has little impact on the power grid due to its low power factor, if similar loads are too concentrated, it will seriously pollute the power grid.

4) Effective protection against reverse voltage.

5) Strong environmental resistance: able to withstand testing conditions of high temperature and high humidity.

6) Good anti-interference performance: Power grid fluctuations, lightning strikes, overvoltage, and overcurrent will not cause damage to the power supply of the LED display.

2. Brightness and viewing angle

The brightness of the LED rental screen requires 100-1000CD/㎡ indoors, 1500-4500CD/㎡ semi-indoor, and 4000CD/㎡ outdoor to ensure the normal operation of the rental screen. Otherwise, it will be difficult to see because the brightness of the displayed image is too low. The quality of the LED lamp determines the brightness. The wider the viewing angle, the better. The size of the viewing angle will directly determine the size of the rental screen audience, and the size of the viewing angle is mainly determined by the packaging method of the led lamp.

3. Flatness

The surface flatness of the LED rental display screen should be within ±1mm to ensure that the displayed image is not deformed. Local bulges or depressions can cause blind spots in the viewing angle of the display. The quality of flatness is mainly determined by the production process and on-site splicing alignment.

4. Color reproduction

Color reproduction refers to the color reproduction of the LED rental screen; that is, the displayed color must be highly consistent with the color of the playback source to ensure the reality of the image.

5. Are there mosaics and dead spot?

Mosaic refers to small squares that are always bright or always dark on the rental LED display. This is a phenomenon of module necrosis. The main reason is that the connectors used by the monitor are not of good enough quality. The dead spot refers to a single point on the LED rental screen that is always bright or always dark. The number of dead spots is mainly determined by the quality of the led modules.

6. Is there any color block?

Color block refers to the obvious color difference between adjacent modules, and the color transition is based on the LED module. The color block phenomenon is mainly caused by poor control system, low gray scale, and low scanning frequency.

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