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Get More Creative with Flexible LED Screens


As technology advances, LED displays require more and more creativity. The market is constantly innovating and reforming to meet the demands of creativity. Flexible LED screens can be bent and curved to create unique shapes and designs. This allows for more creative freedom in terms of product displays, architectural integration, and advertising installations.

Meiyad flexible led screen

Reasons to choose a flexible LED display

1. Flexible LED displays provide a more immersive and engaging visual experience. The curved and flexible nature of the screen helps to eliminate viewing angle issues and ensures a clear and vibrant display from any angle.

2. The Flexible LED display series is an information display for enterprises, which combines flexibility and user control, smooth appearance, and impressive picture.

3. LED display has a certain degree of flexibility.

LED flexible screen uses a flexible FPC circuit board, and is made of rubber material mask and bottom shell, and then with a series of special designs, such as lock, and chain connection device, to complete other ordinary screens can not achieve the bending shape.

In addition, where the final image of the LED pixel is located, there are insulating substrates on both sides of the panel screen to protect the LED circuit from damage.

The biggest difference between it and the traditional flat LED screen is that the flexible LED display can be customized into a variety of attractive and unique irregular shapes, such as circles, cylinders, ellipses, triangles, etc., and can also be customized into any size of creative equipment, natural integration with the original shape and design of the building. Beautiful and practical, can be used as architectural decoration, can also be used as an advertising screen, increase the visibility of the place and advertising.

Meiyad P2.5 flexible led display

Benefits of Meiyad Flexible LED Display

1. Quick installation, unique model selection, and soft module.

2. The mask is flat, colorless, and composed of silicone.

3. Excellent elasticity, may be molded into any shape as needed.

4. The image is smooth and attractive when it takes the form of a cylinder. Fast connectors are used on the signal cables and power cables connecting the boxes, making them simple to install and compatible with professional audio and video processing systems.

5. The product supports a number of signal inputs, including HDMI, SDI, H-SDI, VGA, DVI, and YPbPr.

6. Appropriate for various installation techniques, including hanging, surface installation, etc.

Flexible LED display screen cases

1. Bank

Meiyad P2.5 flexible led screen in Russia Bank

2. Duty-free shop

Meiyad P2 flexible led screen in Russia duty-free shop

3. Brand chain store

P2.5 flexible led display screen in Thailand brand chain store

4. Bar

Meiyad column led screen in bar

5. Science museum

Meiyad P3 flexible led screen in science museum

6. Art exhibition

7. Shopping center

Meiyad P1.875 Flexible arc led screen in shopping center

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