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Connection Method of Full Color LED Display


The most important thing about the full color led display is the connection method. Once the connection is not good, the next step will not work properly. Even if it is completed, the flatness and clarity of the led screen will be greatly affected. Let me introduce the four connection methods of the full color led display:

1. LED display cabinets series connection: LED1-n in the general simple series connection method is connected end to end, and the current flowing through the led display screen is equal when it is working. The other is an improved method with a series connection mode of 1.1 with a bypass.

2. LED display cabinets parallel connection: one is a simple parallel connection, and the other is an independently matched parallel connection. In the simple parallel connection mode, led1-n are connected end to end in parallel, and the voltage on each led is equal during operation. This kind of reliability is not high, but it also adopts the independent matching parallel form for this problem, the driving effect is good, the protection of a single led display is complete, and other work will not be affected when a fault occurs.

3. LED display cabinets mixed connection: one is the mixed connection method of first series and then parallel, and the other is the first parallel and then serial connection.

4. LED display cabinets cross-array connection: the cross-array form is mainly to improve the reliability of the led display and reduce the failure rate.

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