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Is the Higher the Brightness of the LED Display, the Better?

2022-03-12 www.myddisplay.com

As we all know, led is a new light-emitting technology based on light-emitting diodes, which has the characteristics of low energy consumption and high brightness, so led displays are becoming more and more popular. Not only that, when many merchants introduce led screens to users, they often use "low energy consumption and high brightness" as the killer, creating a perception for users that "the higher the brightness, the better, and the more value". Is this really the case? In order to achieve good energy-saving goals, in fact, our excessive pursuit of high brightness is contrary to energy-saving goals. So what is the potential relationship between "high brightness" and "high energy saving"?

Meiyad Immersive XR LED Video Wall

Meiyad Immersive XR LED Video Wall

Generally, the brightness range of indoor led display is about 800-1200cd/㎡, and it is recommended not to exceed this range. The brightness range of outdoor led display is about 5000-6000cd/m2, which should not be too bright. The brightness of the led display is not as high as possible, there should be a limit.

For example, the maximum brightness of the outdoor led display used is 6000cd/m2, but you have to adjust the brightness to 7000cd/m2, which is nothing more than increasing the driving current of the led lights. However, the physical characteristics of led lamps will be inevitably damaged: high-brightness led lamps must be accompanied by high attenuation and low stability characteristics. High attenuation is not only not conducive to the long-term use requirements of the led display, but also becomes a congenital defect of excessive pursuit of high brightness, and this congenital defect will damage the life and picture effect of the led display, and accelerate the attenuation of its brightness. Moreover, it exists in a vicious circle of brightness attenuation, which cannot meet the requirements of long-term use at all.

Not only that, but today, the light pollution problem in cities around the world has become very serious, and many countries have even introduced laws and regulations to strictly control the brightness of outdoor lighting and outdoor led screen.

The last factor to consider is cost. Simply pursuing higher brightness will inevitably increase the overall cost of the project.

Therefore, the brightness of the led display is not as high as possible.

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