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Seven Common Sense of the Use of LED Display

2021-08-07 www.myddisplay.com

With the continuous development of economy and society, the application range of led display is becoming more and more extensive. Whether you are walking in the streets, or in the lively urban squares or high-end entertainment venues, you can see the led display. In today's wide application of led display screens, do you know the seven common senses of the use of led display screens?

1. Check the led display circuit and switch to keep the switch dry to avoid electric leakage and electric shock accidents.

2. The air conditioner can be used to dehumidify the led display, put a desiccant and physically absorb moisture to keep it dry and prevent the led display from getting damp.

3. During the rainy season, the led display is guaranteed to be used at least once a week, and it should be lit for at least 2 hours each time.

4. The led display is properly ventilated, which can quickly evaporate the water vapor attached to the display and reduce the humidity of the indoor environment. But it should be noted: avoid ventilation in some windless and humid air, which will increase indoor humidity.

5. The use environment of outdoor led display is complicated, and it is inevitable that there will be water seepage in the cabinet. In addition to the above measures, it is usually necessary to regularly check whether the waterproof rubber ring of the cabinet is aging, deformed, or incomplete; whether the screws or locks of the sealed box body are easily loosened and the pressure is not enough.

6. The indoor rental led display is used outdoors, it must be powered off immediately when it rains. If you don't need to remove the led screen quickly, you can quickly cover it with a rain-proof cloth prepared in advance, and take out the led cabinet to dry in a sunny day. If you encounter continuous rain and rain, open the back cover of the cabinet and use a fan to blow dry. Then leave it in a ventilated and dry room for more than 8 hours. Reduce the brightness of the led display screen and ensure that the screen body is lit for more than 4 hours to fully dissipate the moisture in the electronic components.

7. If the led display is not used for a long time, it should be frequently powered on for maintenance and debugging. Whether it is an indoor led display or an outdoor led display, if it is not used for a long time, dead lights may appear when it is turned on again. Therefore, it is necessary to turn on the power and light up the led screen for debugging.

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