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Good News! Meiyad Flexible LED Display Won Two Awards in 2021

2022-01-05 www.myddisplay.com

On December 20th, the 2021 Top Ten Brand Selection Event organized by Digital Audiovisual Engineering Network came to a perfect conclusion. As an authoritative media in the audio and video industry, Digital Audiovisual Engineering Network has been successfully held for the thirteenth consecutive year. The selection activity lasted more than three months. After online and offline voting by manufacturers, design institutes, distributors, engineers, end customers, media practitioners, etc., authoritative experts in the digital audio-visual engineering industry will assess the product R&D strength, market share, and user satisfaction of the shortlisted companies. A comprehensive evaluation of many factors will finally determine the list of award-winning companies. Meiyad has lived up to expectations in this selection activity. After layer-by-step review, it finally won the 2021 "Flexible LED Screen Famous Brand" and "Creative LED Display Excellent Brand" two awards.

Meiyad won the 2021 "Flexible LED Screen Famous Brand"

Meiyad is a national high-tech enterprise which focuses on R&D, manufacturing, retail and serving of LED display. We have our own operation center and manufacturing base in Shenzhen, Hu Bei, Guang Xi, have already exported to more than 100 countries in the world, with many various successful projects.

Meiyad flexible led display adopts special design circuit, PCB layout is more reasonable, no warping angle, no degumming, high refresh, high contrast, high gray scale, large viewing angle, and smooth transition between curved surface and corner. Higher reliability, better consistency, and longer service life. Spell out different shapes more flexibly.

Meiyad won the 2021 "Creative LED Display Excellent Brand"

Meiyad's strengths and characteristics are personalized customization, which can be said to be "only customers can't think of, we can't do it without us". Creative customized led display not only has the core technology of led display, but also combines rich artistic styles. With its extremely innovative special-shaped, it brings greater flexibility, allowing customers to create any display "whatever they want" form.

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