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Meiyad: Strive to Be the Leader of Creative LED Display

2021-05-25 www.myddisplay.com

Q: In this ISLE 2021 exhibition, what products did Meiyad bring, and what are the highlights?

A: Meiyad's products are very diversified. This time we brought a variety of special-shaped creative led displays, including film transparent led screens. Our p6 film transparent led screen adopts led lamp bead bare crystal ball planting technology, and the light board adopts transparent crystal film, with a transmission rate of up to 95%, which can transform glass into an advertising medium without affecting lighting or aesthetics. It's widely used in glass curtain wall, interior decoration and other fields. Meiyad has been very successful in building products in this area.

Meiyad p6 film transparent led screen

Another key product is the p4 outdoor flexible led screen, with IP68 whaterproof. It has very strong flexibility, and the maximum bending arc is greater than 120 degrees. Users can customize different shapes according to their needs, which perfectly fits the outdoor advertising scene. At present, we adopt environmentally friendly water-based paints developed by special materials and GOB molds for two different production processes, which can meet the actual needs of different customers.

Meiyad p4 outdoor flexible led screen

Our core product, the small pixel pitch led display, has the advantages of ultra-light and ultra-thin, high precision, fast heat dissipation, beautiful appearance, and convenient installation. 16bit broadcast-level high grayscale, 6000:1 high contrast, 3840Hz high refresh rate, seamless splicing, delicate pictures, and colorful colors.

Meiyad small pixel pitch led display

In addition, the logo art led screen, the circle led screen and the cube led screen are all very eye-catching exhibits.

Meiyad flexible led screen and cube led screen

Meiyad circle led display

Q: What is the overall product line layout of Meiyad? Which area is the strongest at present, and which areas will continue to be strengthened?

A: As mentioned earlier, our product line is very diversified, including creative led displays, small pixel pitch, indoor and outdoor fixed led displays, transparent led screens, rental led screens, and it also includes the smallest pixel pitch in the industry P2.6 floor tile led screen.It's mainly determined by customer needs. In today's led display era, the phenomenon of product homogeneity is serious, single product layout is no longer popular, and the needs of the same customer are gradually becoming diversified. Meiyad's complete product range can provide customers with more abundant choices.

Meiyad outdoor p4 flexible led screen

All along, Meiyad's strengths and characteristics have been personalized customization. Since customization needs to adapt to different structures and different scenarios, Meiyad has higher requirements for technology to ensure that its products serve customers with the best quality. Next, Meiyad will focus on the development of outdoor flexible led screen. Prior to this, Meiyad took the lead in launching indoor flexible led modules and became the first manufacturer in the industry to successfully develop soft led modules with a single PCB. Now the development and design of outdoor soft modules is bound to be the first. We will make persistent efforts based on our successful experience and be the industry leader.

Q: There are many companies that make special-shaped led screens in the industry. What do you think of Meiyad’s core competitiveness compared to its peers?

A: Meiyad has established a sound R&D, production and sales system. Especially in the past two years, we have increased our investment in R&D, increased R&D funds, purchased advanced equipment, and expanded our talent team. At the same time, we have been understanding the trend of the market and the development of technology, combining with the changes in market demand to build our own system. We will continue to explore new areas, keep up with the new development of the product market, and accelerate product improvement and application.

Q: What are the business expectations of Meiyad in the first quarter? What is the next business plan?

A: The epidemic that began last year has affected Meiyad to a certain extent and disrupted our original plan. Although the first quarter was still affected by the aftermath of the epidemic, it has shown a recovery trend. The growth space and future capacity of the led display market are considerable, we remain optimistic about our business expectations this year.

In the future, Meiyad will adhere to the diversification of product categories, individualization of customer customization, and promote the overall optimization of technology, so as to make the greatest contribution to the development of the industry.

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