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The Naked-eye 3D LED Screen Makes the Outdoor LED Display Reappear Opportunities?

2021-03-30 www.myddisplay.com

In recent years, due to the rapid expansion of outdoor led displays, noise, light pollution, difficult management, safety hazards and other issues, as well as the government's strict supervision and control of outdoor advertising, have made outdoor led displays gradually decline. But since last year, naked-eye 3D has become a hot term, and wherever it appears, it will become a hot topic on the Internet. Nowadays, as naked-eye 3D technology matures, it also frequently appears in stage dances, outdoor scenic spots, and urban blocks. As the carrier of this technology, the large outdoor led display has once again come into people's eyes. With the blessing of technology and creative advertising, outdoor advertising led screens have allowed more and more people in the advertising and media field to see the opportunities for the development of naked-eye 3D outdoor displays. The decline of outdoor displays seems to have a new turning point.

Outdoor led displays have gradually become fatigued in recent years

The development of my country’s outdoor advertising display industry has made a qualitative leap since the 1990s, but at the same time, my country’s related plans and policies are lagging behind, and more problems arise, such as noise, light pollution, difficult management, potential safety hazards, false advertisements, illegal installations, etc. Therefore, in 2018, in order to regulate the running time and product brightness of led displays, our country officially promulgated the "Requirements for the Evaluation of Interference Light in LED Displays" on October 1. In 2019, Guangzhou issued the most stringent new regulations, "Guangzhou Outdoor Advertising Special Plan (2020 —2025)” and “Guangzhou Outdoor Advertising and Signage Setting Regulations”. In 2020, many cities have also issued relevant management regulations to rectify outdoor advertising. Until 2021, this wind of rectification is still spreading.

Nowadays, in order to create a good and tidy first impression of the city, the trend of "dismantling screens" is frequently set off across the country, and relevant departments are also establishing a set of mature and effective outdoor advertising review, release, and operation mechanisms. In the face of the government's heavy blows, strict management planning has caused certain blows to outdoor advertising companies or led display companies. The "screen removal" movement in various cities and the strict government control have caused the outdoor led display to be in a downturn year by year. However, the reason for the removal of the screen is actually inseparable from the word violation. The government's rectification and management of outdoor advertising is not one size fits all, mainly to guide the healthy development of the industry, and to make reasonable plans for the division and management of resources, so that outdoor advertising media can give full play to its value.

But at the same time, the government’s strict control of outdoor advertising has not made the outdoor advertising market depressed. Although various illegal demolitions have had a certain impact on the outdoor advertising market, some relevant agencies have released the "Advertising Market Overview" shows that in 2020, outdoor LED media publication costs of 16.908 billion yuan, an actual increase of 8%, a net increase of 2%, which shows that the state of the outdoor advertising market is still very tenacious and powerful. And the increase of outdoor advertising media is undoubtedly releasing a good signal to the led display industry. Even under the strict control of the government, its market is still an incremental market, and there is still a certain amount of space to invest.

Now that digital outdoor has become an inevitable trend, outdoor led displays must be indispensable. Therefore, relevant departments and outdoor led advertising terminal media should pay more attention to the image positioning of the city and outdoor displays when placing outdoor advertising displays, how the screen and the city should coexist and promote each other.

Creative led display + outdoor naked eye 3D = popular across the Internet, outdoor led display large screens become the new city logo?

In the current urban business circle, the collision point between the large outdoor LED display and the symbiosis of the city seems to be the answer to the naked eye 3D and creative display. The "3788 Asian Light" outdoor large screen on Guanyin Street in Chongqing has become one of the landmark representatives of the urban landscape. It staged a shocking naked-eye 3D show of the future city earlier, and this show has been screened on the short video platform of Moments of Friends. According to statistics, the data spread of the naked-eye 3D project on the whole network exceeded 100 million, and the official media CCTV and Weibo big V have all reported on it. Immediately after this giant screen, a classic scene of "light rail crossing the building" was reproduced, using the scenes most familiar to Chongqing people for creative design, reflecting the unique characteristics of Chongqing.

Nowadays, the cool naked-eye 3D big screen can become a new landmark of the local city and rebuild a new image of the city. Under the combination of creative video and large outdoor led screen, according to the unique cultural characteristics of the city and the combination of naked-eye 3D, to create a unique scene, scene of its urban characteristics, just like Chongqing's 3D show, it combines the characteristics of its own city to create the city's "IP" and create a new city identity.

From the perspective of building new landmarks and culture in the city, Chen Xiaoji, a master of architecture from Tsinghua University, also pointed out in the article "Urban Big Screen: Reshaping Urban Public Space" that the big city screen represented by Times Square in New York can express and Guide the visual cultural orientation of the city, integrate its cultural orientation into the urban landscape, form part of a new cultural tradition, and highly recognizable urban characteristics. This shows that the large outdoor LED display can recreate a new urban cultural style and characteristics in the new era, give the city a new cultural sense and emotional tone, give the city a new look and feel, and create a new urban style.

Such as the current cyberpunk urban style, this style has also led the trend of architectural decoration styles for a while, and the most significant visual signs in the cyberpunk style are neon lights and gorgeous huge display screens. Nowadays, the huge screens suspended by skyscrapers in the game "Cyberpunk 2077" and the movie "Blade Runner 2049" have also come into reality, and gorgeous neon lights are also shining in the city. The role of the current outdoor led display screen is not only for advertising, but also can be combined with creative videos and naked eye 3D, recreating new urban landscapes in the ingenious urban design, giving the city a new cultural identity, and helping to spread the image of the city.

"The future of the city will evolve into a screenworld. The scholar L. Wallace predicted in an article in 2003 that he believes that people's future life will be surrounded by screens, forming a media space, and people will interact with the world through media such as screens. Interaction. Just like the scene in the movie "Blade Runner 2049", the space is full of huge neon lights and led screens. The colorful world creates the style of cyberpunk, and the led screen plays a role in this world. An indispensable role.

"The future of the city will evolve into a screenworld. The scholar L. Wallace predicted in an article in 2003 that he believes that people's future lives will be surrounded by screens and form a media space. People interact with the world through media such as screens. Just like the scene in the movie "Blade Runner 2049", the space in which it is located is full of huge neon lights and led screens. The colorful world creates the style of cyberpunk. LED displays play an indispensable role in this world.

The combination of naked eye 3D technology and creative display can make outdoor advertising led screens become a kind of creative art. The government's control and planning are actually to make it better development. Both the government and outdoor advertising companies should discuss the integration of urban and modern landscape aesthetics. As the carrier of outdoor advertising display, LED display screens are also responsible for spreading the city. The responsibility of culture is to integrate the cultural elements of the city into it, create urban IP, and let the LED display become a part of the city's logo.

Under the trend of naked-eye 3D, the led display industry combines with the cultural characteristics of the city and will usher in a new round of spring breeze. And with the acceleration of urbanization, the demand for urban beautification and lighting has also expanded, which has become a broad market, and the decline of outdoor display large screens will also usher in the rise.

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