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How Will the LED Display Industry Breakthrough in 2021?

2021-03-10 www.myddisplay.com

In 2020, China's LED display industry was mixed by the dual influence of the COVID-19 and the international environment. The good news is that the deep cultivation in the Micro/Mini LED and high-definition video industries is gratifying; the worry is that the epidemic has led to a "broken chain" crisis in the supply chain, fluctuating prices of raw materials and chips, and prolonged delivery. Looking forward to 2021, what challenges and opportunities will the industry usher in? How will the led display terminal market and supply chain break through their limitations in the era of channel changes, shrinking profit margins, continuous product segmentation, and accelerated brand diversification?

Connect More End Users

What are the growth drivers of the first-tier market in 2021, and what are the methods and means for manufacturers to seek growth? This is the top priority of all led display manufacturers. The current development trend of the entire industry is the competition in the stock market of giantization and oligopoly. The only driving force for the market's growth is actually from the end users. Who can take the lead in connecting more end users, who can break through the predicament, and this requires LED display manufacturers to take the lead in completing the optimization and upgrading of channels.

After the 2020 COVID-19 epidemic, the channels of the led display industry are no longer simply "offline channels to win". Many led display companies have cultivated, developed and consolidated the channel moat for many years, and the offline dealer system is facing new challenges. The adjustment of online and offline dual-line integration has become a reality.

However, for many traditional led display distributors, how to better integrate online channels while maintaining stable offline performance and sustainable operations, and achieve upgrades in store purchase experience and after-sales service. For upstream manufacturers, how to ensure the stability and sustainability of dealer groups in the context of channel fragmentation and multi-polarization is also a major challenge.

Product Adjustment

In the past two years, various new products in the led display market have experienced a round of "open higher yet finish lower" multi-vibration patterns. To put it simply, a round of high-end transformation is like a passing cloud and rain, and soon there is no sound; a round of low-price high-quality products, a large number of products under the banner of cost-effectiveness, has won the attention of a group of users.

In the current situation of diversified consumption, products are not just simple technical iterations and functional innovations, but a step toward scene-oriented. It is to provide good products that they really need according to the needs of users of different levels, different needs, and different income groups, not just low prices. The test is not technological innovation, but the grasp of comprehensive strength. Therefore, how to enable the iteration and innovation of led display products through scenarioization in 2021, whether it is stimulating stock replacement or stimulating new demand, will test the R&D and innovation capabilities of many led screen manufacturers.

Brand Further Stratification and Positioning

The hierarchical and differentiated management of all categories and multiple brands is the standard operation of many LED display manufacturers at present. Mainly in order to face the continuous differentiation of mainstream consumer groups in the market in recent years, the most representative one is that the circle of interest has become more professional and more subdivided.

If we say that the full-category layout is to meet the current needs of many consumers for complete sets and integration, and to enjoy a more convenient and efficient product experience. The segmentation of so many brands is to find customer segmentation needs of different levels, different economic levels, and different product pursuits. Therefore, how to find target users, how to achieve precise product promotion and marketing, these challenges directly determine the implementation capabilities of many led display manufacturers in 2021.

Looking forward to 2021, there are still many uncertainties in the market, but opportunities can be seen in markets such as 5G, new infrastructure, and ultra-high definition. In this regard, led screen companies need to follow the advancement of technology, pay attention to market changes, continue to deepen the industry, do specialization, and do a good job in product services, so as to respond to changes and meet unknown challenges.

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