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The Application of LED Display in the New Retail Industry

2019-10-12 www.myddisplay.com

In the past two years, the concept of “new retail” has been popular in various industries. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people pay more attention to the experience and feeling of the consumption process. In traditional retail stores, merchants use posters to promote marketing products. With the aesthetic fatigue of consumers, the improvement of spending power and the diversification of brand competition methods, static advertising can not effectively attract consumers' attention. In order to change this situation, many businesses began to try to use retail led display. Through the LED display screen for product and brand promotion dynamic display, the stores also has a deeper brand image, and also increased passenger traffic.

Retail LED Screen

Meiyad Retail LED Screen

In recent years, with the introduction of the new retail concept, new retail will set off a revolution in the retail industry. How will led display manufacturers respond to the new retail era?

New Retail Will Create Incremental Market for the LED Industry

The concept of “new retail” was first proposed by Ma Yun, Chairman of Alibaba Board of Directors, at the Ali Yunqi Conference in 2016. This new concept has now been widely recognized. The industry generally believes that consumption upgrades have promoted the rise of new retail. According to market analysis, new retail sales will maintain a rapid growth rate of more than 100% annually in the next few years. The overall market size will reach 1.8 trillion RMB in 2022, which will become an important driving force for sustained consumption growth.

For traditional retail, beautiful shopping malls, quality products, courteous service, plus environmental space, lighting, etc., give the customers good user experiences. However, such scenes have been excessively "commercialized" for decades. For consumers, it is increasingly lacking in attractiveness. Therefore, the creation of scenes with large LED screens has begun to be popular with more and more people. In addition, with the development of small-pitch LEDs and the integration of technologies such as VR, AR, 3D, and human screen interaction, LED display technology can better play the advantages of seamless splicing and creative styling in the new retail field, and it will become a veritable darling in the new retail field. LED displays need to be further developed in the new retail sector, and they need to be refined according to the market's terminal needs.

Bowling with large led screen

Play Bowling with Meiyad Interactive LED Video Wall

The Future Development Trend of LED Display in New Retail Scene

In the future, new retail terminals will display scene innovations, grafting scenes into more cross-border elements, satisfying consumers' emotional needs such as personalization and planning, and diversifying the experience to form a new commercial space. The led screen has become a window for the exchange of customers' recognition of the value of the mall and products.

First of all, the real-time live interactive experience is the realistic path for led display products to intervene in new retail. In fact, our led display industry has already begun to enhance the interaction between the screen and the audience in the form of digital interaction, and created many successful cases. For example, McDonald’s uses the real-time data of the Meteorological Bureau on the led screen to combine itself. Products for weather forecasting, for example, with AR fitting function LED display, as well as a lot of "sweep" big led screen to play games, watch live broadcasts and so on.

Meiyad Interactive LED Screen

Secondly, led displays with data collection and analysis functions are the most important requirements for new retail. Using advanced data technology and accurately targeting the audience can make LED display products more intelligent and user-friendly. In response to this, many manufacturers are now launching LED display products or solutions with data processing functions, such as installing a detection and recognition system for large led screens. By detecting and depicting accurate portraits of people, specific data can be obtained through analysis. Some cloud platforms can even assess the appeal of an ad to an audience based on the duration of the audience’s stay around the LED screen.

From retail to new retail, not only is a “new” word, but a new sales scene, new business and consumer connections, and new display technologies bring innovation together. The retail store of the future is no longer just a storefront, but a museum of the same art, allowing people to enter a multi-dimensional world. People enjoy not only shopping, but shopping has become a dual enjoyment of material and spiritual. “New retail” is a brand new revolution in the retail industry and a great opportunity for the LED display industry. Traditional LED displays have been difficult to meet people's demand for experience. In the future, only LED display manufacturers who constantly innovate and pay attention to the end customer experience can truly fly in the new retail.

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