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Applications of Curved Flexible LED Screen

2019-08-07 www.myddisplay.com

In this article, I don't want to talk about traditional led display. Let me introduce you the curved flexible led screen.

In the city center streets, shopping malls, airport, exhibitions, you can see various advertising led displays to express media art. These led displays are usually square led displays. But in recent years, as the purchase rate of curved led display increases, the trend of curved, round, cylindrical, tunnel, column led screen is rising.

tunnel led screen

The above project case is in the Shanghai Exhibition Hall. P2.5 curved flexible led module, module size 240mm*120mm, 595 pcs, 17 sqm.

Flexible led screen is suitable for curved construction. Many of our customers have installed curved flexible led screens in stores, theaters, exhibitions, train stations, airports, shopping malls, etc.

curved led screen

The above project case is in the Beijing TV Station. P2.5 flexible led module, W 2.4m X H 0.48m.

curved led display

The above project case is in the Hera store in Singapore. P2.5 curved led screen, 15.5 sqm.

The above project case is in the shopping mall in Italy. P5 cylindrical led screen, diameter 1.44m, height 2.88m, four cylinders.

The above project case is in the German exhibition. P4 cylindrical led display, perimeter 15.872m, height 1.536m. Module size 256mm * 128mm.

Meiyad's curved flexible led display has high contrast and brilliant colors, the three-dimensional, realistic screen is displayed. Easy installation, strong magnet, available for front service. Reducing weight of LED display and cost, can be any shape design as customer required.

The above project case is in the Seoul shopping mall. P2.5 column led screen, SMD1010, MBI5124 IC, perimeter 3.84m, Height 7.2m. 

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