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What is the Pixel of the LED Display?

2019-05-24 www.myddisplay.com

We often see a lot of led displays in shopping malls, floors, and squares. So how much do we know about led displays? What are led pixels?

Simply put, "pixel" is a unit.

Pixel is a kind of unit used to calculate digital impressions. Just like the photos taken, the digital impressions also have a series of gradations. If you enlarge the impression several times, you will find that these successive colors are actually small near many colors. It consists of square points, which are generally invisible to the naked eye. If you multiply the effect several times, you will find a lot of small square points. These lower points are actually so-called pixels.

Pixel principle of led display

The led display is divided into monochrome led display, bi-color led display and full color led display. Red, green, and blue are the primary colors in color.

Monochrome is very simple. But in reality, there are not many red lights. Thus, a red LED light is a pixel.

monochrome led display

The bi-color led display is also very simple, and you can choose two of the three colors at will. However, the bi-color led display can realize three colors of red, green and yellow at the same time. When red and green are lit at the same time, the yellow color is produced.

bi-color led display

Because the full color led display has a lot of colors to display, it is necessary to combine the three lights of red, green and blue to form a pixel.

full color led display

The pixels of the full color led display are divided into the real pixel led display and the virtual pixel led display. The two technologies are different. The virtual led display adopts virtual pixel technology, that is, adopts LED multiplexing technology, the same LED light-emitting tube, and can be combined 4 times by the adjacent LED light-emitting tubes (lower, lower, left and right combination).

Through the above introduction, we have learned what is the pixel of the led display. Through the color's use of the three led displays, the pixel principle of the led display is well understood. The led display is connected through these pixels to form the displayed image.

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