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How to Choose the Model of the Electronic LED Display?

2019-05-23 www.myddisplay.com

Due to the low price, low power consumption, energy saving, high brightness and good display effect of full color led display, the demand for full color electronic led display in large outdoor media, advertising, sports venues, public transportation, concerts and other fields continues to grow.

Meiyad P2 Electronic LED Display

1. For the full color led display, P is the distance between pixels. For example: P4 is 4mm and P10 is 10mm. The pixel pitch is different, and the resolution and resolution are different. The smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the resolution and sharpness. So the smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the price.

2. The pixel pitch is different, and the pixel density of per sqm is different. P3 is 111111 pixels/sqm, P4 is 62500 pixels/sqm, P5 is 40,000 pixels/sqm, P6 is 27777 pixels/sqm, P7.62 is 17222 pixels/sqm, P8 is 15625 pixels/sqm, P10 is 10,000 pixels/sqm, P12 is 6944 pixels/sqm, P16 is 3906 pixels/sqm, and P20 is 2500 pixels/sqm.

3. The pixel pitch is different, and the distance suitable for viewing is also different. For example, P3 is suitable for viewing at 3 meters, and P4 is suitable for viewing at 4 meters. By analogy, the P10 is suitable for viewing 10 meters away. If the area of the led screen is too small, in order to achieve a good display, you need to make a higher density led display . Select the led display model, you need to determine according to viewing distance, use occasions, display requirements, capital budget, etc.!

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