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What Constitutes the Price of LED Display?

2019-05-18 www.myddisplay.com

For many non-professional customers, in the face of different quotations from different led display companies, they often do not know how to choose. In fact, as long as you understand the composition of the led display price, you will know how to choose.

1. The cost of led screen

The led display consists of led modules, powers, led cabinets, cables, and power cables. Among them, the cost of the led modules is the highest. The price difference between the lamp bead and the chip used in the led modules is also large. Usually, the price of led screens accounts for more than 70% of the total price.

2. Control system

Full color led display usually adopts synchronous system, which consists of sending card and receiving card. When the outdoor led display area is below 80 sqm, using one sending card and 40-50 receiving cards (one card in two led cabinets).

P6 outdoor advertising led display

3. Accessories

Electronic led display wants to work normally, needs many accessories, such as computer (desktop computer), air conditioner (heat dissipation), lightning arrester, power distribution cabinet, audio amplifier (optional), multi-function card (automatically adjust display temperature, brightness) , video processor (optional), and so on. Different brands of accessories, the price is also different, customers can buy locally.

4. Steel structure

The LED display needs to be fixed by a steel structure, especially a large outdoor advertising led display. The price of steel structures is second only to led screen. Ordinary outdoor wall-mounted steel structure, the price is between 1200-1500 RMB / sqm. Indoor wall-mounted led screen frame, the price is about 600 RMB / sqm. The price of fixed column steel structure reaches 2000-2500 RMB / sqm.

5. Logistics, installation, etc.

The last is transportation and installation costs.

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