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Four Major Misunderstandings About Purchasing LED Display

2019-05-06 www.myddisplay.com

First, buy big led screen, don't just look at the price.

The price may be an important factor affecting the sales of large led screens. When you choose LED display manufacturers, you will unconsciously choose low prices. The huge price difference has caused customers to ignore quality. However, in actual use, it may be realized that the price gap is actually the quality gap.

Meiyad P4 Indoor LED Screen

Second, the "same model" led display is not necessarily the "same product".

Customers often say that the same type of led display, why your price is so much more expensive than others. I am confused because my quote to the customer is the channel price. By chance, I discovered that the so-called products of the same model are actually different. Let's take the P4 led display as an example. Generally speaking, the P4 led screen refers to the pixel spacing of 4.0mm, but there is a 4.81mm pitch on the market, which is the p4.81 led display. Some salesmen use the blind eye method, claiming to be a P4 full color LED display. In this way, the quotation gap will be more obvious, and many customers who do not understand it think that they have bought good products at low prices.

Third, the technical specification parameter value is not the higher the better.

In general, customers who purchase led displays will select several led display manufacturers to evaluate and then decide large led screen suppliers. The two important items in the evaluation are the price and technical parameters. In the case of similar prices, the technical parameters determine the win or loss. Many customers think that the higher the value of the led display, the better the quality of the led display. Is this true?

Let's take a simple example: regarding the brightness of P4 full color indoor led display, some manufacturers are 2000 CD/㎡, and some manufacturers are 1200 CD/㎡. Is that 2000 better than 1200? The answer is not necessarily, because the indoor led screen brightness requirements are not high, generally between 800-1500. If the brightness is too high, it will glare and affect the viewing. In terms of service life, the brightness is too high and it is easy to advance the overdraft display life. So reasonable brightness is right, not the higher the brightness, the better. Model, there are some parameters, such as led lamp brand / package, scanning mode, power refresh rate, power consumption, grayscale, etc., the parameters are different, the price will be different.

Meiyad P3.91 Indoor LED Display

Fourth, it's not the shorter the better for led display delivery time.

Many customers who purchase full color led screens placed an order and would like to get the goods immediately. We understand this kind of mood, but the large led screen is a customized product. It needs at least 48 hours of testing after the production is completed. The led display is increased by 24 hours on the national standard to reach the 72-hour uninterrupted test.

There are usually two problems when the delivery time is too short: First, the failure rate will be higher without sufficient testing; second, some manufacturers do not have enough stock of the same batch, but in order to get the order, use products that are not the same batch. In this case, the led display will have a significant color difference, affecting the display effect of the large led screen.

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