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How to Keep Dry for Stage Rental LED Display?

2019-05-05 www.myddisplay.com

Since the stage rental led display often participates in various indoor and outdoor activities, the led cabinets are frequently transported and shipped. How to prevent moisture is a common topic. So how to properly store the rental led display?

First, during storage

1. The led screen should not be placed under the eaves where the rain will wet.

2. When the led screen is placed in the flight case, the bottom of the flight case should not be touch with the water directly.

3. The inside of the flight case should be kept dry. There should be no water at the bottom of the flight case. If it is already wet, it must be taken out to dry or blown dry with a fan.

4. When it is wet and rainy, the wall is easy to condense, and the box should not be placed against the wall to prevent the water drops on the wall from falling into the flight case.

5. The warehouse must be kept ventilated and dry.

Meiyad Rental LED Display

Second, in the process of use

If the indoor rental led displays are used in outdoor, when it is raining, be sure to turn off the power immediately. If you don't have time, use a tarpaulin to cover the led screen quickly. Take the box out and dry it on a sunny day.

If it continues to rain, open the back cover of the led cabinet and blow it dry with the cold air of the hair dryer. Then dry in a ventilated and dry room for more than 8 hours. The brightness is divided into five levels from low to high, and each brightness level is guaranteed to be illuminated for more than 4 hours. After the led display is placed in the flight case, the activated carbon or desiccant should be placed to absorb the moisture in the flight case.

For outdoor rental led display, due to the complicated and varied use environment, it is inevitable that there will be water in the led cabinet. In addition to the deal with according to the indoor rental led screen, it is usually necessary to regularly check whether the waterproof ring of the led cabinet is aging, deformed or defective; whether the screw or the lock of the sealed led cabinet is easy to loose and the pressure is insufficient.

Third, after using

The rental led screen should be placed in the air box immediately after use. In the wet season, the air box should be wrapped with a film to cover the gap of the air box to prevent moisture from entering the package.

For long-term unused screens, we should always power on, maintenance and debug.

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