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How to Maintenance Small Pixel Pitch LED Display? (Part 1)

2018-12-18 www.myddisplay.com

Meiyad will tell you how to maintenance the small pixel pitch led display.

1. The Installation Environment:

(1) It is not suitable for wet places, pay attention to the air conditioning outlet can not be on the screen, pay attention to air conditioning mode, can not produce fog beads.

(2) Humidification equipment can not be used.

(3) The led display on the side of the window Note that the window is closed when it rains.

(4) Attention to dust protection, will cause a short circuit.

(5) The hotel places attention to the cake, wine protection.

Meiyad Small Pixel Pitch LED Display

2. Running Note:

(1) Open the led display, not a long time there is no signal power supply.

(2) Open the led display screen can only play video or scan, can not play black and white operation.

(3) During the operation of the led display, do not plug and unplug the system board and all devices connected to the led display, including power lines, signal lines, etc.

(4) LED display dedicated computer can not play the game and install the software is not related to the display to prevent viruses from entering the computer, so as not to affect the display.

3. Routine Maintenance:

(1) Don’t use a wet towel to clean the led screen.

(2) Liquid can't touch the led screen.

(3) Cannot use electrostatic material to cleaning the led screen.

(4) Pay attention to the wet day, open the air conditioning dehumidification mode.

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