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The Advantages of SMD Outdoor LED Display (Part 2)

2018-12-17 www.myddisplay.com

On the background of outdoor LED display media has largely replaced the traditional display media, how to do outdoor LED display media to meet people's needs for outdoor display, the following information to share with you.

Meiyad P8 SMD Outdoor LED Display

Advantages of outdoor SMD LED display

1. High brightness and large viewing angle: It adopts high-intensity SMD3535+ three-in-one light-emitting diode with brightness up to 6000cd/sqm. It is completely suitable for outdoor environment. The three-in-one SMD lamp is consistently good in color and excellent in color reproduction, and the viewing angle is large, giving people a visual sense that far exceeds the traditional outdoor DIP full-color display.

2. The weight of the box is light: the design of the aluminum alloy material cabinet structure is very light; and the appearance is not easy to be deformed and assembled conveniently and flatly. Suitable for rental companies, car screens, mobile media. Column installation or wall installation to reduce the pressure on the steel structure of the LED screen.

3. Improve user efficiency: The design of the rental cabinet structure is a major feature of our company's structural design, in order to better improve user efficiency.

4. Long life: From the mask, the cabinet, the use of lamps, PCB board and components in all aspects of the material selection, greatly improving the working life of the LED screen.

5. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use: it can adapt to a variety of places and can be more selective for users; it solves a big problem for the leasing companies to choose indoor and outdoor LED display. it is also suitable for car, ship-borne screen, mobile media and small area of outdoor screen broadcast advertising.

6. Advantages of no-filling glue: The glue filled in the module of the traditional outdoor screen will gradually age under the sun, rain and ultraviolet radiation, and the characteristics of the glue will crack and fall off, causing the circuit board and the LED to lose the protective layer. After a long period of heat rise and contraction, the waterproof effect is failure, and the glue will enter the screen through the gap, which has a corrosive effect on the PCB board, affecting the life and stability of the whole screen.

The development trend of outdoor SMD LED display

LED display are booming develop in the outdoor advertising market, and urban advertising media companies at all levels have quickly followed up to build outdoor advertising LED display billboards. In many small and medium-sized cities, the installation of large outdoor full color LED screens is not only a carrier for video advertising, but also an external platform for government agencies to publish government information and city videos. The installation of the full color display can spread information, beautify the city image, and improve the city's grade, so it has also received strong support from the government.

The wave of popularization of full color LED displays has begun to sweep across China. Large and medium-sized cities, counties, towns, enterprises and institutions can see the LED display screen everywhere. Full color LED display screen is not difficult to find, the application market of  LED display has grown stronger than ever. In the future, outdoor SMD LED displays will definitely replace outdoor LCD display media.

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