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Waterproof Knowledge of LED Display

2018-07-05 www.myddisplay.com

With the rapid development of society, the use of LED display is becoming more and more common, but the waterproof function of led display is also our concern. Especially for outdoor LED display, do you know about the waterproof rating for LED display cabinet? Meiyad display manufacturer will provide you with a simple knowledge of LED display waterproofing.

The protection level of the LED display is generally shown as IPXY, for example: IP56, X indicates the level of dust-proof LED display and prevention of foreign objects intrusion, and Y indicates the degree of sealing of the LED display against moisture and water intrusion. The bigger the numbers, the higher the level of protection, the meaning of the X, Y numbers are discussed below.

Meiyad Waterproof Outdoor LED Display

X indicates the meaning of the numeric code:

0: no protection

1: Prevention of solid foreign bodies of 50mm diameter and larger

2: Prevention of solid foreign bodies of 12.5mm diameter and larger

3: Prevention of solid foreign bodies of 2.5mm diameter and larger

4: Prevention of solid foreign bodies of 1.0mm diameter and larger

5: Prevent harmful dust from accumulating (it is impossible to completely prevent the entry of dust, but the amount of dust entering will not cause damage to the equipment)

6 : Completely prevent dust from entering (the cabinet can not enter dust at a low pressure of 20 mbar)

Y indicates the meaning of the numeric code:

0: no protection

1: Protection against Water droplet  (water droplets falling vertically can not cause damage)

2: When the outer cabinet is tilted to 15 degrees, protection against the water droplets , and the water droplets falling vertically should not cause damage

3: Protection against splashing water (water or rain has no effect from the 60 degree corner to the outer cabinet)

4: Protection against water spray (the liquid is splashed from any direction to the outer cabinet without damage)

5: Protection against water jet (shooting the water from the cabinet in every direction without any damage)

6: Protection against strong water (strongly shooting the water from the cabinet in every direction without any damage)

7: Resistant to water immersion (1m) in a short time

8: Soaking water for a long time under a certain pressure

table 1

table 1

In the table 1 outer cabinet of LED display protection level, we can see that the outer cabinet of indoor and outdoor LED display waterproof rating is different. Outdoor waterproofing levels are generally higher than indoors, because outdoor LED displays are exposed to rain, and need to protect against more water than indoor LED displays.

The waterproof parameters of the LED display are introduced by an example. It may be easier for everyone to understand: For example, the protection level of the LED display is IP54, IP is the letter of the mark, the number 5 is the first mark number, and 4 is the second mark number. The first marked number indicates the level of contact protection and foreign object protection, and the second number indicates the level of waterproof protection. It should be specially noted that the second characteristic number after IP is 6 or less, and as the number becomes larger, the test is gradually becoming stricter. In other words, the LED display labeled IPX6 can also pass the test of IPX5, IPX4, IPX3, IPX2, IPX1, IPX0. The second characteristic number 7 or 8 after IP is tested, and the types of tests below 6 and 6 are two kinds of types. That is to say, the marker is IPX7 or the marker is IPX8, which does not mean that it meets the requirements of IPX6 and IPX5 at the same time. The LED display that meets the requirements of IPX7 and IPX6 can also be marked as IPX7/IPX6.


Then we will focuses on the waterproof rating of outdoor LED displays.

The waterproof rating of outdoor full color LED display is IP65, 6 is to prevent objects and dust from entering the LED screen, 5 is to prevent water from entering the LED screen in the case of spraying, of course, there is no problem for heavy rain. The simple cabinet of outdoor waterproof LED display is generally marked with the front waterproof IP65, because the simple cabinet has no back door, this design is convenient for the machine to dissipate heat. After the whole screen is installed, it needs to take waterproof edging treatment which be made of aluminum-plastic board and waterproof glue, the waterproof effect also reaches IP65, and now most of the outdoor full color LED display uses a simple cabinet. The outdoor full-color DIP LED screen is outdoor LED modules and seal cabinet structure that is processed to consist an outdoor waterproof display cabinet. Therefore, the display cabinet is the basic unit that constitutes the display screen.

In terms of the structure of the LED display. First of all, the LED module should be an outdoor waterproof LED module. Second, the back of the LED module should be painted with three anti-paints. Third, the cabinet should be a waterproof cabinet, and the sealing should be good. It can be tested for waterproofing and watered on the surface of the LED display. After a number of tests, the IP protection level of the outdoor LED display waterproof cabinet should reach IP65 to achieve true waterproofing.

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