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How to Prevent Fire on LED Display?

2018-07-02 www.myddisplay.com

The quality of the LED display fire prevention technology is mainly related to the display fireproof raw materials and the cabinet process. The fireproof raw materials mainly include four aspects: the wire used inside the LED display, the power supply, the external protective structure, fireproof material and the plastic frame:

1. In most LED display applications, the larger the display per unit area of the LED display, the greater the amount of electricity used, and the higher the stability of the wire. Among the many wire products, the wire can meet the requirements of the national standard to ensure its safety and stability. There are three requirements: the wire core is a copper wire conductive carrier, the wire core cross-sectional area tolerance is within the standard range value, and the rubber tubing of the wrapped wire core which it's Insulation and the flame retardancy reaches the standard. Compared with the general copper-clad aluminum wire core, the wire core has a small cross-sectional area and the insulation rubber grade is not enough, the electric current performance is more stable, and the short circuit condition is not easy to occur.

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2. UL certified power products are also the best choice when choosing the same type of products. The effective conversion rate ensures that the power supply load is safe and stable, and it can work normally even under the hot external environment.

3. In terms of the material of the external protective structure of the LED display screen, most of the display products with high fireproof rating on the market adopt fire-resistant aluminum-plastic composite board, which has excellent fire resistance and strong flame retardancy, and the oxygen aging performance of the core material is also very strong, melting point temperature 135 ° C, decomposition temperature ≥ 300 ° C, environmental performance, low smoke and halogen free, certified by SGS, flame retardant B-S1, d0, t0, reference standard UL94, GB/8624-2006.

4. In the case where there is no breakthrough in core materials such as lamp beads, it is not able to increase the brightness by increasing the current.


In addition to the internal raw materials will affect the fire prevention effect, the external configuration and design is also very important, but the external configuration mainly involves the heat dissipation in the fire prevention problem. At the same time, the exhaust fan and the air conditioner are configured to cool and cool the inside of the screen body. It is recommended that every 8-10 square meters install 1P air conditioner ensure that the temperature inside the screen is kept at a normal temperature. If the air conditioner or exhaust fan is not place enough, the heat treatment will be uneven, which may cause safety hazards in the LED screen due to temperature increase. At the same time, many LED display manufacturers simply test the spray waterproof test in the external environment when testing the protection level of the cabinet. The durability and strength of the waterproof effect are yet to be verified, so that after the display product has been used for some time water seepage occurs, which is an important reason why outdoor LED displays are prone to fire or have a short service life. In thunderstorms weather, the screen device arrester is also an indispensable tool to avoid lightning strikes and burn out the internal components of the LED screen. It can directly direct lightning into the ground without affecting the LED screen.

5. Installing correctly

Since the LED electronic display is electronic product, some of its main materials are also combustible, so it is essential to start with "preventing unburned" and use high-quality power, wire, IC, connecting devices and other flammability. The device reduces the failure rate and controls the probability of misfire of the LED display. In technically, it must be installed, instructed, and inspected by professionals in the installation process of the led display. The fuel and combustible materials are removed to prevent the led display from being fired due to the surrounding fire hazard. In the after-sales maintenance, the led display is checked and inspected by professionals.

6. Do a good job in LED display fire certification

To enter the US market, UL48 wire and cable safety and ETL certification are required. In the UK, BS safety certification is required, and Japan needs to achieve PSE mandatory safety certification. Although the Hong Kong has already realized this international problem, outdoors media buildings (mainly LED display products) have been made relevant regulations. All LED display projects that are successfully installed in Hong Kong must pass the flame retardant test of building materials of British Test Center BS476-7.

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