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Summaries of Full Color LED Display Assembly Technology (Part Two)

2018-09-06 www.myddisplay.com

3. Why does the system prompt“Please connect the LED display controller”?

Many customers and friends downloaded the "LED display control system" from our CD. After 20 minutes of installation, the message "Please connect the LED display controller" will appear. This is because the system has not been detected the hardware of the control system for the testing time. At this time, connect one end of the hardware of the LED display control system you purchased to the computer, and connect the other end to the HUB board. The cable socket of the HUB board and the unit part interface of the LED display is connected.

After the connection is completed, you can enter the “Setting Screen Parameters” in “Settings” to set related parameters. Closing and then re-open the software after it finished. At this time, the words “Connected successfully” will appear on the top of the software. At this moment, the system has detected the display control system hardware, it can be used normally.

Meiyad Circular LED Display

4. Why does the LED display control system hardware appear a few seconds of bright lines or "blurred screen" when it is just powered on?

After connecting the display controller to the computer and the HUB board and display, you need to supply the controller with +5V power supply to make it work normally (in this case, do not directly connect with 220V voltage). LED display will have been a few seconds of bright lines or “blurred  screen”. The bright line or “blurred screen” is a normal test phenomenon, reminding the user that the display is about to start normal operation.

Within 2 seconds, the phenomenon is automatically eliminated and the display enters normal working condition.

5. What does automatic or manual brightness adjustment mean?

Brightness adjustment refers to the adjustment made between the darkest and brightest displayed on the display, but not photosensitive adjustment.

The automatic brightness adjustment is automatically adjusted to a predetermined brightness by the LED display control system according to the different brightness in different time periods.

Manual brightness adjustment means that the end user reaches the specified brightness by operating the control system of the LED display.

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