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Why Can't Change the Indoor LED Display to Outdoor?

2018-08-28 www.myddisplay.com

Some customers have purchased indoor LED display screens. After using it for a period of time, the company has activities that need to be used outdoors. In order to save costs, is it feasible to change the indoor led display to an outdoor LED display?

Customers who have such an idea do not understand the LED display manufacturers can give you a definite answer. It is unrealistic to change the indoor LED display to outdoor use. The reasons are as follows. Please listen to us for your details.

Meiyad Indoor LED Display

1. The brightness limit.

Indoor LED display brightness requirements are not high, using dynamic scanning circuit, outdoor LED display brightness is higher, is a static scanning circuit, the two type has difference between hardware.

2. Waterproof restrictions.

The indoor LED display structure requires no waterproof or simple waterproof treatment, while the outdoor LED display has high requirements for waterproofing. The cable and the box are waterproofed during production, so the requirements on the cabinet structure itself are differences.

3. View distance limits.

The indoor LED display requires a close viewing distance. The models are generally P3, P4, P5, and P6, so the area is generally small, within 15 square meters, while the outdoor LED display requires a long viewing distance. The models are generally P8, P10, P16, so it is decided that its area is larger, generally more than 30 square.

Summary: indoor LED display and outdoor LED display are different in brightness, waterproof treatment and model selection, resulting in choosing different materials, accessories, cabinets and other hardware at the beginning of production, so it is not easy to change, it is the loss outweights the gain. Therefore, manufacturers will not recommend to change it.

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