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LED Electronic Display Assembly and Connection Diagram

2018-08-21 www.myddisplay.com

It is not easy to assemble all the LED electronic displays, just like configuring an assembled computer. Even the LED electronic display is more complicated to assemble, and more steps to be taken. It is connected by a number of LED modules, and the LED module is assembled by a number of LED lamp beads. The steps are one by one, each step should be careful, otherwise the LED electronic display effect will be affected.

The following mainly introduces the four LED electronic display connection forms:

Firstly, the overall series connection form: LED1-n in the simple serial connection mode, connected end to end, the current flowing through the LED display is equal. The other is an improved way of bypassing the series connection of 1.1.

LED Electronic Display Assembly and Connection Diagram

Secondly, the overall parallel connection form: one is a simple parallel connection form, and the other is an independently matched parallel connection form. The LED1-n in the simple parallel connection mode is connected in parallel at the beginning and the end, and the voltages on each LED are equal when operating. This kind of reliability is not high, but it also adopts an independent matching parallel form for this problem, which has a good driving effect, complete protection of a single LED display, do not affect other LED display working during the fault, and can be matched with large differences.

LED Electronic Display Assembly and Connection Diagram

Thirdly, the mixed connection form: the advantages of proposed by the parallel connection and series  connection are combined. There are also two types. One is a hybrid mode in which the series is connected in series and then in parallel, and the other is a hybrid mode in which the parallel is connected and then in series.

LED Electronic Display Assembly and Connection Diagram

Fourth, the cross-array form: cross-array form is mainly to improve the reliability of LED display work, reduce the failure rate proposed.

There are many ways to connect LED display screens. Each step does not allow connection errors. Therefore, it is necessary for engineers and technicians to understand. The above four connection forms have their own advantages and disadvantages. The specific problems are analyzed and finally found the suitable connecting form for the LED display. Many engineering and technical people often ignore this point, leading to a variety of problems in the LED display, and ultimately let customers lose confidence in the company.

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