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How to Inspect LED Display Screens and Cabinets?

2018-08-02 www.myddisplay.com

Today LED display applications are becoming more and more widely used, and display technology is becoming more and more mature with the development of the market economy. LED displays are used in all kinds of business, but the people who have very little understanding of LED displays. They will inevitably encounter many problems when choosing to buy. The following are some series inspection standards of the LED display screen and cabinet to share everyone.

It is necessary to inspect LED display screen when purchase.

Meiyad Flexible LED Display Screen

Firstly, checking LED display from it's appearance.

1. Visual inspection and hand feeling can be used to see if there is any problem with the display screen.

2. The coating on the surface of the display should be free of any peeling off.

3. To check whether the screen picture color is consistent, or whether there is color cast or not.

4. Silkscreen content of LED display body should be clear, complete, uniform color, no burrs, defects, tailing, pollution. The specific content, location, pattern and word size of all silkscreen, detailed description by the corresponding drawings. The manufacturer strictly according to the drawing design requirements silkscreen.

5. The color is consistent with the sample. Normal visual acuity has no obvious chromatic aberration under natural light or fluorescent lamp. The same batch of products has no color difference. The surface of the coating is smooth, flat and uniform. The surface must not have dry back, granules, bottom leakage, pitting and scratching, wrinkles and mechanical damage etc defects.

After the inspection standard of the led screen is finished, the inspection standard of the cabinet is followed. LED display cabinet inspection methods are more, generally used tools are: vernier caliper, tape measure, levelling instrument. The inspection of the cabinet requires the inspector to inspect the incoming materials of the cabinet in strict accordance with the drawings of the designer to check whether there are fewer or missing parts.

We should pay attention to the following six points for cabinet detection

1. The deviation of the outer dimensions of the LED display cabinet is not more than 0.5mm, and the difference between the two diagonal lines is not more than 1mm.

2. Check whether the burr is removed, whether the acute angle is blunt, and it is not allowed to have a scratching or thorning phenomenon.

3. Each nut and nut column must be treated with an internal tooth to ensure that the screw can be locked smoothly.

4. Check whether the overall assembly requirements of the cabinet are processed according to the drawings. All accessories (such as locks and hinges) must be made of existing standard parts. The mechanical strength and sealing performance must be ensured during assembly.

5. The welding of the joints of the cabinet must be firm, without the phenomenon of cold solder joint, solder skips, etc.The welding points must be smoothed, the welding joints need to be scraped,the treatment process must be strict standard, the welds must be polished and sealed, waterproof and smooth,no smooth sharp angle.

6. After the punching and welding of the LED module hole, the flatness of the front side should be ensured. The surrounding panels should not be warped or deformed. The flatness error is less than 1mm. The size of the positioning hole on the front panel of the cabinet is strictly controlled. The aperture size and the hole spacing error are less than 0.1mm, the X and Y directions of the LED module hole axis should be on the same straight line, and the straight line should be perpendicular to the edge of the cabinet respectively, and the verticality is less than 1mm.

The above is the inspection standard for the led screens and led cabinets we have organized, and we hope to help those who are about to purchase the LED display or are interested in the LED display industry.

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