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LED Screen Classification Standard Are Here!

2018-07-31 www.myddisplay.com

How is the LED screen classified? Do you know? Let us introduce them to you.

1. Intelligent and Functional LED Screen

The Intelligent LED screen usually does not need to be connected to the computer. It has a built-in CPU, which can save multiple images when the power is off, and can be operated independently from the computer. Some screens and clock chips automatically display the date and time. When you need to modify the display content, you can modify it by connecting the microcomputer through the RS-232 interface. The full-featured LED screen must be connected to the computer mainframe; the smart LED display is usually displayed has less display ways, such as pull-screen, pop-up, roll-up and roll-down. The full-featured display screen has various display ways. There are an infinite variety of display modes if the program is design by professional software; The operation of the intelligent LED display screen is simple, and the full-function LED display screen needs to be operated and maintained by a dedicated person,if it to create an animated program special knowledge is required.

Meiyad Outdoor LED Display

2. Indoor, Outdoor and Semi-outdoor LED Screen

The indoor LED screen area generally ranges from less than one square meter to more than ten square meters, and the dot density is high. In the lighting ambient, the viewing distance is several meters away, and the screen body does not have the sealing and waterproofing ability. The indoor LED display is generally used the surface mount module, because the display brightness requirement for indoor use is not high, then the surface mount module has a relative high price.The outdoor LED display area generally ranges from a few square meters to several tens of square meters or even a few one hundred square meters, the density of dots is relatively thin, mostly 10000-60000 dots per square meter, the brightness of the light is 5000-7500cd/square meter, the orientation of LED display is different,the brightness requirements are also different.In direct sunlight conditions, the viewing distance is several tens of meters, there are a good resistance to wind, rain and lightning protection on the screen. Semi-outdoor LED display is located  between indoor and outdoor, with high brightness, can be used outdoors in the sun, the screen is sealed and usually used on the roof or window.

3. Single color, Double-color, Tricolor LED Screen

Single Color LED screen means that the display has only one color of luminescent material, mostly single red; double-color LED display is generally composed of red and yellow green luminescent materials; tricolor LED display is divided into two types screens of  full color, true color display. Full color is composed of red, green and blue, while true color is composed of red, pure green and blue.

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