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On the First Day of ISLE 2024, Meiyad Made a Wonderful Appearance


On February 29, the 2024 International Smart Display and Integrated System Exhibition (ISLE) opened grandly at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Baoan New Hall). Meiyad made a wonderful appearance with a variety of creative led displays and solutions, shining brightly in the audience!

Meiyad Team

On the first day of the ISLE 2024, Meiyad attracted much attention and attracted countless attention. The exhibition site was crowded with people, with constant inquiries and popularity. Meiyad has become the focus of attention of many exhibitors and visitors!

On the First Day of ISLE 2024, Meiyad Made a Wonderful Appearance

On the First Day of ISLE 2024, Meiyad Made a Wonderful Appearance

With its excellent brand influence and ability to develop innovative products, Meiyad has successfully attracted customers from all over the world to visit the booth.

On the First Day of ISLE 2024, Meiyad Made a Wonderful Appearance

On the First Day of ISLE 2024, Meiyad Made a Wonderful Appearance

On the First Day of ISLE 2024, Meiyad Made a Wonderful Appearance

P1.5 Immersive XR LED Screen

P1.5 immersive XR led screen brings customers a visually stunning and immersive experience. This XR immersive led screen has a resolution of 8K. It adopts a soft led module special-shaped design and a GOB+CNC die-cast aluminum bottom shell. People can step on it and interact. This product is used in technology exhibition halls, corporate exhibition halls and stage performances. It has been widely used in other places and has attracted the attention and appreciation of many customers many times.

Meiyad P1.5 Immersive XR LED Screen

P1.538 naked-eye 3D LED screen

P1.538 naked-eye 3D led display creates a three-dimensional effect by simulating the difference in left and right stereoscopic visual illusions of the human eye. This exhibition uses P1.538 vertical right-angle screen to present naked-eye 3D effect. This product is widely used in places with high traffic such as commercial centers, museum exhibitions, chain stores, etc., attracting a large number of customers to stop and watch.

Meiyad P1.538 naked-eye 3D LED screen

Indoor/Outdoor Sphere LED Screen

The indoor/outdoor sphere LED screen adopts a spherical structure, which is not only beautiful and elegant, but also very creative. The exhibitors this time are P2 indoor sphere screen and P5 outdoor sphere screen. Meiyad has made large 17-meter/25-meter spherical led screens, and the effect is very shocking. Sphere led screens are widely used in science and technology museums, exhibition halls, theaters, sports venues and other places.

Meiyad Indoor/outdoor sphere LED screen

P1.5625 Curved COB All-in-one LED Screen

P1.5625 curved all-in-one led screen is made of COB soft led module. At present, the conventional conference all-in-one led screens on the market are flat, but our company has rich experience in soft module design and this year, we specially launched a curved all-in-one led screen, with a pitch that can cover P0.93/P1.25/P1.56, etc. , the size can be made into 108-inch/135-inch/163-inch to meet the application scenarios of various large and small conference scenarios, and the resolution can reach 2K/4K. This product is widely used in mid-to-high-end conference rooms, government lecture halls, conference halls and other fields.

P1.5625 curved COB all-in-one led screen

P2.5 Letter LED Screen

Meiyad Led letter logo screen, a creative design, not just display the profile of the letter or logo, but also the image text and video. It is a smart choice for advertising your brand, from small shops to branded shops, shopping malls, led letters can make it happen.

Meiyad P2.5 Letter LED Screen

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