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Only 1 Day Left Until ISE 2024! Meiyad Invites You to Meet at Booth 5L200


30th Jan to 2nd Feb, Meiyad will bring LED new creative product appearing at ISE 2024, We sincerely invite you to visit and communicate!

Meiyad Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. has been deeply involved in the LED display industry for many years. We not only have rich experience in conventional LED screens but also have outstanding quality reputations in the category of creative LED displays. We will exhibit the indoor P1.25 flexible led screen, outdoor P4 can-shaped screen, and indoor P6 film transparent led screen in 2024 ISE.

Only 1 Day Left Until ISE 2024! Meiyad Invites You to Meet at Booth 5L200

Meiyad indoor P1.25 flexible led screen is an advanced display technology that is widely used in indoor advertising, stage backgrounds, conference rooms, and other scenes. This high-pixel-density screen has excellent picture quality and a wide viewing angle, which can present more detailed and realistic image effects. At the same time, its flexible design makes installation and disassembly more convenient and faster, providing more possibilities for different occasions.

Meiyad outdoor P4 pop can led screen is a personalized product which specifically tailored for precise markets. It is widely used in shopping malls, exhibition halls, hotels, subway stations, airports, and other places. Its excellent practicality and innovation make it become an ideal companion for vending machines. This product not only has high practical value but also reflects the product concept of energy saving and environmental protection, with significant economic and social benefits.

Meiyad pop can led screen

In terms of design craftsmanship, we use an innovative combination of flexible LED display modules and standard modules. Our LED outdoor flexible led screen products have gone through 6 update iterations and have demonstrated excellent quality and performance after years of market testing. Bendable features of flexible screens break the limitations of traditional outdoor LED display shapes and provide a more flexible solution for outdoor advertising and information release.

Meiyad indoor P6 transparent film led screen is different from traditional LED displays in that the LED film screen has the characteristics of softness, transparency, and thinness, making it applicable to more situations, and the installation and maintenance process simpler. While These features provide convenience to customers, it also opens up a larger application field for LED display products.

Meiyad transparent film led screen

As a representative in the professional field, our product design is always guided by user needs and focuses on product reliability and stability. Please stay tuned for more exciting exhibits! From January 30th to February 2nd, Meiyad will meet you in Barcelona, Spain. Welcome to visit and look forward to communicating with you on the spot, Booth 5L200.

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