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How Does LED Display Play Its Best Role in Immersive Scenes?


"Immersion" is one of the "hot words" in many fields such as culture, entertainment, technology, games, etc., ranging from street restaurants and miniature board games to large performance venues and theme parks with thousands of people. Different companies and businesses in various industries are emphasizing "immersion" and have added immersive experiences. As a word itself, from its initial rise in 2016 to now, everything can be immersed, and words such as "immersive exhibition hall" and "immersive exhibition" have come into being due to this. Among them, LED display screens have also followed the trend and immersed themselves in "immersive" scenes with a strong attitude, becoming a highly eye-catching exhibition form. So how does the LED display create a variety of splendid and heart-pounding visual sensory experiences for the audience in various forms of landscaping arrangements and immersive scenes with multiple forms of applications?

Why can LED displays become the mainstream choice for immersive scenes?

What is an immersive exhibition hall? Interpreted literally, immersion seems to be a comprehensive effect that creates a space that is separated from reality and uses atmosphere, lighting, sound effects, interpretation and other means to three-dimensionally present the visuals, sounds, stories and even the final emotions that you want to convey to the players. However, many immersive methods on the market seem to focus more on objective immersion effects and less on players’ subjective feelings. In addition to physical display, people often perceive the world with their bodies. What the immersive atmosphere creates is to transform people's bodies into sensory systems, mobilizing people's vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch to the maximum extent, and then realize behaviors To interact with the emotional level, the display equipment in the exhibition hall is particularly important at this time.

As the most important visual carrying device, LED display screen allows visitors to immerse themselves in the scene, achieve full integration, immersion and emotional communication, giving the exhibition space an all-round new experience. With its delicate and vivid ultra-high-definition effects, LED display screens can reconstruct the relationship between exhibition content and display space, becoming a mainstream choice for diversified immersive experiences. The favor is bringing more possibilities to cultural museums, cultural tourism and exhibition industries.

The immersive scene interpretation supported by the LED display screen breaks the fifth wall between the stage and the audience, allowing everything to happen around the audience. The immersive experience is extremely strong, allowing communication to span space, allowing imaginary scenes to be reflected in reality, making The original single and boring picture becomes more vivid and becomes audible, visible and perceptible. This is the charm of LED display screens in immersive places in various fields.

What types of LED displays are popular in immersive scenes?

Since this year, the development of immersive LED screen display has been booming. In fact, driven by the growth of market demand and the continuous advancement of display technology, the popularity of immersive display is continuing to ferment. Looking at it, "immersive experience" solutions cover almost all areas of emerging consumption and are becoming an emerging application in the display industry. . So, there are so many dazzling types of LED displays. Which types of LED displays are popular in immersive scenes?

In the comprehensive immersive exhibition hall, transparent led screen, floor tile led screen, large led screens, flexible led screen, etc. are the protagonists, with a wide range of application scenarios. For example, the immersive exhibition hall of the Yunnan Archaeological Experience Museum: the "Restoration Notes" unit located on the first negative floor reproduces the historical scenes of "ancient prosperity", "ancient Yunnan fantasy" and "Nanzhao's aftertaste" through artistic recreation. The audience can experience the scenes of the ancient prosperous times and the happy life of the ancestors. Six pcs of transparent led screens can present different content according to the overall changes of the immersive exhibition hall; the floor tile led screen under your feet has fireflies gathering and butterflies flying. Every time you take a step, you will find some unexpected surprises; gradually move towards the large led screen , where it meets the ground screen, there are stars and mayflies coming in. Light and shadow intertwine, archeology and reality also intersect here, truly feeling "immersive".

There is no doubt that all LED displays meet the needs of immersive scenes, especially in cultural tourism, where LED displays can play their best role. For example, on October 1st, the world's first original theater-style interactive light and shadow art exhibition on the Classic of Mountains and Seas, "Searching for the Classic of Mountains and Seas," opened at 0101PARK, the Wensan digital life district in Hangzhou. This light and shadow art exhibition uses LED display and projection technology as the carrier, integrating 360° full surround digital content presentation, giant naked-eye 3D led screen, 5G interaction, aromatherapy devices and other cutting-edge technological means to create a 360° multi-sensory immersive light and shadow Space, a comprehensive reproduction of the world of "The Classic of Mountains and Seas".

These ever-changing LED displays are gradually becoming a customer-attracting tool for various immersive scenes by virtue of their bright and colorful display effects and the ability to combine innovative technologies to develop new gameplay.

Can LED displays help immersive scenes develop better?

With the rapid development of science and technology, people's needs are becoming more and more diverse and personalized. The design of the modern "immersive space exhibition hall" is not just a simple visual equipment presentation, but also combines the most advanced exhibition technology at home and abroad, LED display screen and holographic interactive projection technology, immersive projection system, AR augmented reality and VR virtual reality, etc., integrates sound, light, electricity, projection, images, text, interactive video and other contents to make the exhibition hall more modern and information-based, achieving better results than the previous traditional display methods that were mainly static and one-way communication. Communication effect. The LED display screen gives the traditional exhibition space an immersive experience, which not only meets the needs of visitors at a higher level, but also fully mobilizes the visitor's perception system to provide them with sensory enjoyment. It also makes the exhibition hall more technological. It is more dynamic, allowing everyone who comes to visit to complete a wonderful visiting experience even if they are exposed to the torrent of information.

But apart from these digital technical means, more importantly, in the exhibition, we should try our best to achieve true and effective expressions, so that visitors can deeply understand the information to be conveyed and expressed in the exhibition hall, and enjoy an immersive experience. At the same time, we can deeply understand the theme and soul of the entire exhibition hall. It is believed that LED display screens will make waves in the blue ocean of the digital economy and move forward.

In the future, the immersive display industry will usher in more vigorous development. However, it is worth noting that creating an immersive experience requires very high product stability, reliability, safety, etc. of LED displays, and the immersive display site requires the technology of LED display companies. High standards have also been put forward in many aspects of guarantee and professional services. LED display companies must also persist in innovation and breakthroughs in LED display technology to help the display industry reach a higher level.

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