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Congratulations to Meiyad For Obtaining 2 Invention Patents


Recently, "A Combination Structure of a Combined Large LED Screen" and "An Installation Structure of a Curved LED Display" independently developed by Meiyad have obtained invention patent certificates issued by the Copyright Office of the People's Republic of China. The acquisition of the latest two invention patents once again demonstrates the Meiyad's achievements in innovation in large LED display screens and curved LED display, and also provides strong technological support for Meiyad to achieve high-quality leap-forward development.

A combined structure of a combined LED display screen, characterized in that: the screen main frame is a rectangular frame, the screen unit includes an assembly shell and an LED screen fixedly installed in the assembly shell, and the cavity of the screen main frame is arranged in multiple Assemble the keel, and the assembly shell is arranged between the inner wall of the screen main frame and the keel and between the two keels. One end of the keel is rotatably connected to the screen main frame, and the other end of the keel is detachably and fixedly connected to the screen main frame.

An installation structure for a large arc-shaped LED display screen, which is characterized by: including 2 arc support plates, 2 connection support plates, 4 L-shaped positioning blocks and an arc panel; the arc support plate has an arc edge , both ends of the connecting support plate are respectively connected to a curvature support plate, the connecting support plate and the curvature support plate are fixedly connected through the positioning block, and all the connecting support plates and the curvature support plate are enclosed together; the arc-shaped The panel is fixedly connected to the arc edge of the arc support plate; the arc panel is used to install a display module of an arc led screen.

Continuously obtaining national invention patent certificates is the result of Meiyad's long-term emphasis on intellectual property rights. Meiyad will continue to increase investment in R&D and innovation to keep up with market demand.

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