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Advantages Of Transparent LED Display In Application


With the development of LED display technology, transparent LED display came into being. In recent years, transparent LED screens have rapidly occupied a place in the field of LED display screens by virtue of their outstanding advantages. So far, it has become one of the most popular products in the field of LED display, and more and more people choose to use transparent LED display to display their products. So what are the advantages of transparent LED display in application?

1. Easier installation and maintenance

The transparent LED display is made of lightweight engineering aluminum, weighing only 10kg per square meter, mounted on interior glass. Only a simple steel structure is required, and no additional structural installation is required, saving costs. Because it is light, it is very convenient to install. Due to the light structure, the maintenance is also very convenient, and the indoor maintenance is simple and fast. You only need to replace the maintenance needs, no need to replace the whole box, it can be done in a few minutes.

2. Transparent and heat dissipation

The biggest advantage of the transparent LED display is light and heat, that is to say, it is not as opaque as the traditional LED display installed on the wall. The reason is that the transparent LED display cabinet is designed in a grid or strip shape, which can reduce the load of the glass and retain the transparency of the glass. At present, the transparency of the transparent LED display has reached 55%-93%. From the perspective of this cabinet, the heat dissipation of the transparent LED display is better than that of the traditional LED display.

Advantages Of Transparent LED Display In Application

3. Beautiful and environmentally friendly

Outdoor LED display screens have always been the most common place for advertising, which is why the demand for LED display screens will continue to grow. In order to meet the market demand, a transparent LED display has been developed, which can better serve users who need transparent light.

Most outdoor LED displays are either wall-mounted, increasing the weight of the wall, or standing in the middle, which is out of tune with the surrounding environment, which greatly affects the beauty of the city. The installation method of the transparent LED display is invisible, which reduces the load-bearing of the wall, has high permeability, and eliminates the aesthetic problems of the city to the greatest extent. And reducing unnecessary white space can effectively reduce light pollution and energy consumption, and can achieve energy saving of more than 30% compared with traditional LED displays.

4. Sense of technology

The installation position of the transparent LED display is unique, and it is installed on the transparent wall. So it's going to look cool, like a mural floating on top, and be very tech-savvy. People tend to be very curious about technology, which is very beneficial for advertisers to place advertisements.

5. Investment value

Transparent LED display is currently the best display product to match with glass windows. Now more and more merchants choose to install transparent LED screens on glass, and use cool video display methods to attract customers' attention and improve attention. Up to now, they can be seen in both commercial complexes and 4S stores. So what is the investment value of such a popular transparent LED display?

huge demand

With the advancement of science and technology today, traditional light boxes and spray-painted posters can no longer attract people's attention. At present, there is an urgent need for an LED advertising screen that can not only attract people's attention but also protect the environment and save energy. In this case, the transparent LED advertising screen was born. In this environment, transparent LED displays have developed rapidly. In addition, there will be many buildings with large glass curtain walls in every city, which undoubtedly creates a huge market for transparent LED displays; the demand is huge.

Advantages Of Transparent LED Display In Application

Excellent user conversion

The essence of the LED screen is to disseminate information to people, whether it is knowledge or advertisement push, to show the ability to disseminate information. This is what advertisers value most. For example, if 1,000 people are viewing your ad and 200 of them are interested, you have 200 potential customers. If 100 people contact you, they have a 50% chance of paying for your product. That's because they saw your ad on the LED screen. This is the conversion rate of users.

6. What should be paid attention to when buying a transparent LED display?

Line of sight and pitch selection

Different viewing distances will have different effects; the selection of dot pitch is based on the viewing distance. Therefore, it will help if you know the viewing distance of the transparent LED display you are installing.

For example, if a glass partition is installed in a store, the viewing distance will be closed and the dot pitch will be smaller. If it is installed on the outside of the glass wall, so that people outside can see it, the viewing distance will be farther, and the point spacing can be larger.

know the size

No matter what kind of LED display, you want to know how big your display is, what is its length, width and height. Especially the transparent LED display is very important, because it is installed on the glass, once the size is wrong, it cannot be installed.

installation location

This is related to the brightness of the transparent LED display, which is generally installed in two places; one is installed indoors, and the viewing position is also indoors, such as the glass partition of a shopping mall; this way it will not be exposed to direct sunlight, so generally there is no requirement for brightness So high, generally 1000-2000cd/㎡.

The other is installed indoors, and outdoor viewing positions, such as glass walls, will be exposed to direct sunlight and require very high brightness, generally 2500-5000cd/㎡.

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