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Application Range of Wireless LED Display


As a new high-tech product, wireless LED display also has a broad market and development prospects, and can be widely used in industries and departments such as government, commerce, transportation, catering, construction, tourism, sports, and transportation.

Community building

Install the wireless LED display at the entrance of the community, buildings, and yards as a community information bulletin board, which is convenient for property owners and residents to release property notices, public welfare information, community announcements, weather information, safety knowledge, traffic tips, community information, etc. Contribute to the integration and dissemination of community information, purify the community environment, and enhance the image of the community.

Government department

Install the wireless LED display in the office hall of the government department as a government affairs bulletin board to release government policies, announcements, public opinion surveys, emergency notifications, early warning reminders, weather information, and publicity of laws and regulations. Wireless LED display can be used in information release and early warning systems of meteorology, security, transportation, water conservancy, fire protection, civil affairs, public security, urban management and other departments.

Traffic station

Install the wireless LED display in the waiting room of the station, toll station, and platform as an electronic bulletin screen for publishing bus information, weather forecast, various advertisements, instant news, traffic conditions, ticketing conditions, temporary notices, etc.

Store supermarket

Install the wireless LED display at the door of the store, the entrance of the supermarket, the hall, and the shelf to issue shopping guide tips, supply and demand information, price quotations, promotional discounts, new product introductions, merchant recommendations, customer greetings, etc. It is a media for merchants to guide customers It is a window for dissemination of information and information, which helps to attract consumers and promote the dissemination of business information.

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