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Will the Movie LED Screen Market Explode This Year?


On April 22, Shenzhen Times Huaying Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Times Huaying") held an overseas product launch conference in HeyLED Hall, No. 6, Krikorian Theater, Los Angeles, USA. This is the first company to achieve reverse export overseas. China's digital film projection system has become the first time in the history of Chinese film that a projection screen independently developed by my country has entered the global commercial field and has achieved a breakthrough from scratch.

Movie LED screen is a modern display screen that uses LED lamp beads as a light source to display high-quality video images through high-precision display technology. In recent years, with the continuous advancement of technology and the growth of market demand, movie LED screens have developed rapidly. As a representative of the new generation of digital cinema technology, cinema LED screens have begun to gradually replace traditional digital projection technology and become one of the important development directions of the future film industry.

According to reports released by relevant market research institutions, the global movie LED screen market will reach US$4.1 billion in 2023. Among them, North America and China will be the two main growth points of the movie LED screen market, and the Chinese market accounts for nearly one-third of the global movie LED screen market.

Although the market size of movie LED screens is relatively small compared to other display technology markets, its special advantages make movie LED screens gradually develop into an important display technology in the market competition. With the continuous expansion of the movie market and the increasing user demand for high-quality images, the movie LED screen market will further develop. At the same time, the advancement of technology will also provide more support and opportunities for the development of movie LED screens.

Technological innovation has always been an important driving force for the development of movie LED screens. In 2023, the technological innovation of movie LED screens may make new breakthroughs in the following aspects:

01 High resolution technology

With the continuous development of technology, high-resolution technology will become the development trend of movie LED screens. The high-resolution screen can provide a clearer and more delicate picture, which greatly improves the user's visual experience. In the future, movie LED screens with ultra-high-definition resolution will gradually become the mainstream.

02 Quantum dot technology

Quantum dot technology is a new type of movie LED screen technology, which can provide more delicate and realistic picture effects. Compared with traditional movie LED screens, quantum dot technology has a wider color gamut, more realistic color reproduction, and can greatly reduce screen energy consumption. With the continuous advancement of technology, quantum dot technology will become one of the development trends of movie LED screens.

03 Foldable LED screen technology

Foldable ED screen technology is another development direction of movie LED screens in the future. The foldable screen can be folded according to actual needs, so as to achieve a more portable and flexible use method. In the future, as this technology continues to mature, foldable LED movie screens will become a new trend in the market.

The application scenarios of movie LED screens have been gradually expanded, not limited to traditional movie projection halls. The increase in application scenarios also means that the market potential of movie LED screens will be further expanded. But DCI certification has always been an unavoidable "pass" in the development of movie LED screens.

Cinema LED screens need to pass DCI certification to play DCI digital movies. Because DCI certification requires devices to meet strict technical specifications, including requirements for resolution, color depth, brightness, etc., to ensure the consistency, stability and security of digital video playback on different devices. If the cinema LED screen has passed the DCI certification, it means that it has high quality, reliability and stability, and can provide a high-quality digital movie experience. At the same time, DCI-certified cinema LED screens can also be used in a wider range of applications, especially in commercial digital cinemas and other public places, which is of great help to user experience and brand value.

It is not easy for movie LED screens to pass DCI certification. First of all, the capital cost is relatively high. Movie LED screens require the use of high-quality display devices, digital processors and other devices, and these devices are expensive. Therefore, for most small and medium-sized LED display companies, the capital cost of DCI certification may be very high. Secondly, DCI certification technical standards are very strict, requiring devices to have high resolution, color depth, and excellent image processing capabilities. In addition, applying for DCI certification for movie LED screens requires a rigorous testing and review process, which involves professional knowledge and technical requirements in many fields, and takes a long time. This is not easy for those small and medium-sized movie LED screens that need to be put into use urgently.

However, once a DCI-certified cinema LED screen means high quality, reliability, and stability, it can provide a better digital cinema experience. In addition, DCI certification is international and authoritative, and is generally recognized by commercial theaters, studios and distributors around the world. Movie LED screens that have passed DCI certification can also be used in a wider range of applications and have a higher market share. competitiveness and commercial value. For movie LED screen manufacturers, passing DCI certification is also a kind of technology and brand improvement, which can bring more business opportunities and market returns for enterprises. Therefore, it is of great significance for the movie LED screen to pass the DCI certification.

It is worth mentioning that with the continuous advancement of social science and technology and the constant changes in market demand, the future development prospects of the movie LED screen market are still very broad. The penetration rate of the movie LED screen market will be further expanded. At present, movie LED screens are mainly used in the high-end market and special application scenarios. With the continuous reduction of technology and input costs, movie LED screens will be further popularized and applied in the low-end market. In addition, virtual reality technology is becoming one of the important forms of display in the fields of movies and games, and movie LED screen technology can provide a more realistic visual experience for virtual reality technology.

In the next few years, the LED display industry will face a series of challenges and opportunities. The continuous updating of technology will make the market demand will also change constantly. This means that movie LED screen manufacturers need to constantly carry out technological innovation and market strategy. Adjust to meet the needs of the market.

All in all, the movie LED screen market is expected to show a broader development prospect in 2023. In the future, with the continuous development of technology and the continuous decline of input costs, movie LED screens will be more and more favored by the market and applied in many fields. However, LED display manufacturers need to pay more attention to independent innovation and sustainable development, and continuously improve their technical level and product quality in order to stand out in the market competition. The high threshold of DCI is doomed that movie LED screens are only a feast for a few companies. But with Times Huaying Zhuyu ahead, I believe that more LED display companies will speed up the layout in the field of movie LED screens.

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