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Why Is The Single Color And Double Color LED Display Enduring?


Are you still pulling banners to welcome the leaders? Still using stickers for promotional slogans? still manually flipping cards to change the game score? Do you have to redesign and install every time you change the slogan? No, Meiyad indoor and outdoor single color P10 and double color P10 products effectively solve the problems of traditional media such as frequent printing changes, time-consuming and labor-intensive installation, poor communication effects, and short service life.

Easy to operate, avoid cumbersome

Whether it is indoors, outdoors, or semi-outdoors, whether it is single color or double color, the LED display supports one-key operation of the mobile phone to play content, control the power on and off, etc., which is convenient to operate and avoids the cumbersome process of repeated installation and disassembly of traditional media.

Timing setting, energy saving and environmental protection

P10 single color led screens can be set to automatically turn on and off according to the usage time requirements, so as to ensure that information promotion is not missed, and it can further save energy and electricity, respond to the concept of green environmental protection, and reduce operation and maintenance costs.

Display as you like, powerful functions

For indoor scenes, the P10 indoor single color and double color led screen can display graphics, text, clock broadcast, weather forecast, etc., with more diverse display content, smoother playback effect, and more powerful publicity functions. In the outdoor scene, the outdoor P10 single color led screens use high-brightness lamps, so that the display effect of the LED display is still clearly visible even in a strong light environment.

As the carrier of information display, Meiyad single color led display has gained high recognition from the market with the characteristics of "high quality and high cost performance". Meiyad's single color and double color LED display greatly meets the application needs of different fields and scenarios.

Campus promotion

The single color and double color LED display can help the campus to release information and publicize activities efficiently. The display effect is good and the form is more flexible. It can allow teachers and students in the school to receive information more intuitively and profoundly, and has a powerful communication function.

Public institution

In areas such as government agencies, public institution offices, and public display spaces, single color and double color led displays are often used for government announcements, policy releases, and legal publicity, etc., to improve the efficiency of staff internally and expand the publicity effect externally.

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