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Flexible LED Module Installation Details


Flexible LED Module Installation Details

1. The operator must wear the anti-static gloves when assembly flexible led module.

2. Don't splash water to led display. Please wear anti-static gloves and using soft brush clean up the dust. Don't cleaning it by rag, hard or moisture content tools.

3. The relative humidity of the environment should in 20%-80% when install led screen, flexible led module should be stored in a dry place before assembly, and make sure the temperature of storage less than 35 ℃, the humidity less than 65%.

4. Please pull and plug cables lightly & carefully. Don't violent operation to avoid plucking out copper column and damaging pcb route.

5. Don't using galvanized square tube to install, otherwise the flatness cannot be guaranteed, it advice using spray iron cabinet.

6. It recommend using simple curved and cylindrical iron cabinet with spraying process for easy to install and good flatness.

7. The bending angle of the flexible module is about 15°, and don't violent repeated folding of flexible modules.

8. Please protect the lamp of flexible led module to prevent the four corners without collision or falling off.

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