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The Application of XR Virtual LED Screen in Filmmaking


With the development of various technologies, the current XR technology is more and more widely used, and its main application scenarios are the media industry, sports events, education and training, medical industry, game industry, construction industry, etc. Among them, the media industry and the game industry are currently the most widely used. For the media industry, XR virtual production technology is mainly used in filming.

For the media industry:

1. Under the influence of the experience economy, people began to change from material pursuits to spiritual enjoyment, and economic development has prompted people to come into contact with more diversified information transmission methods, and a single form of communication has been unable to meet user needs. The form of information dissemination ranges from two-dimensional forms such as text, images, and sounds to traditional 3D modes, and then to today's immersive experience (audio-visual-touch integration) mode.

2. With the development of social science and technology, from standard definition, high definition to ultra high definition display devices, users need to see more exciting and creative content, and traditional media has its limitations that cannot be broken through.

At present, traditional filming methods are divided into two types. The first is real scene filming, and the second is blue/green screen filming. Both filming methods have certain limitations and technical shortcomings.

Disadvantages for real scene filming

1. High cost of filming scene construction

2. The filming cycle is long, and it takes a lot of time to set the scene

Disadvantages for blue/green screen filming

1. The time and space of filming and production are not synchronized

2. Performers cannot perceive and interact in real time

3. The simulated ambient light and shadow are not realistic enough

4. Character costumes and props have limitations

Analysis of the advantages of XR virtual production

Due to the unavoidable limitations and technical shortcomings of traditional filming methods, the demand for XR virtual production in the market is increasing, and its advantages are mainly reflected in the following seven aspects:

1. The production time is shortened, 60% of the post-production work is saved, and the filming speed is increased by 10%.

XR virtual production uses a virtual 3D scene. It takes less time to create a virtual 3D scene than to set up a real scene (only 1 hour for a realistic forest scene), and it is very simple to modify the scene content.

2. The stage is bounded, creativity is unbounded.

XR virtual production can expand the stage space, which can create a wider stage space and realize more creative content.

3. More free filming time

There is no need to arrange real scenes. The scenes are produced and output by 3D models and displayed on the LED screen, which makes the filming time more free, and the actors can be arranged flexibly to speed up the schedule.

4. Multiple scenes can be switched freely

Using the virtual 3D scene, you can set the time axis according to the needs of the scene, and you can change freely with one click.

5. More realistic scene experience

XR virtual production creates a more realistic scene with a greater sense of immersion. Actors can perform in real scenes to increase the convincing power of the performance.

6. Character costumes and props are not restricted

XR virtual production uses LED screens to create a three-dimensional space, does not limit the color of characters' clothing and props, and can use reflective materials for props.

7. Near-perfect ambient light

The virtual 3D scene can simulate real ambient light, and the LED screen can create real ambient light for the filming scene.

Classification of XR Virtual Production

According to equipment and technology, XR virtual production can be mainly divided into professional-level filming applications, commercial-level filming applications and immersive exhibition display applications.

Professional-level filming is mainly used in film and television. The LED screen design is mainly composed of a curved LED screen and an led ceiling. The immersive space enclosed by the curved led screen makes the filming space larger, and the led ceiling screen can create a real ambient light for filming. The ground is generally constructed with real scenes, and the shooting effect is more realistic. The filming equipment is higher-end, and the display effect of the screen is higher. In terms of technical requirements, camera tracking technology must be used. When the camera moves and shoots, the three-dimensional scene is rendered to ensure the correct perspective relationship.

Commercial-grade filming is mainly used in variety shows, MV stage, concerts, live broadcasts, press conferences and other scenes. The led screen mainly adopts the vertical led screen and the floor tile led screen. The vertical led screen can be U-shaped, L-shaped and can choose right angles or some angles. Commercial-level filming requires more lenses for large scenes, and removing the led ceiling screen allows for a larger filming range. The filming equipment is mainly terminal equipment. Technically, extended rendering technology, camera tracking technology, and better extended stage can be used to display unlimited creative content on a limited stage.

Immersive exhibition display is mainly used in the exhibition hall. The LED screen mainly adopts U-shaped LED screen and floor tile led screen, and creates an immersive space with lighting effects. You can choose whether to use shooting equipment according to the needs of the venue. Technically, it mainly uses human motion capture system and facial capture system to allow users to interact with creative content.

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