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What Is Pole LED Screen? What Advantages Does It Have?


Pole led screen refers to the led display specially hung on the street light pole. Since street lights are widely distributed in cities, pole led screens can penetrate into the management, security, convenience and other fields of the cities, and play different functions under different needs.

1. Rich functions to meet various needs

The pole led screen effectively integrates many needs such as smart transportation, municipal publicity, security monitoring, commercial advertising, environmental monitoring, 5G base station application, information publicity, advertising release, etc. Pole led display reduces the cost of repeatedly building various poles and further beautifies the city.

2. Cluster management, easy maintenance

The pole led screen is an electronic device, which can centrally and uniformly control all the pole led screens through computers and mobile phones, remotely manage, and publish the display content with one click. If you want to replace the content of ordinary billboards, you can only replace them one by one. The labor cost, material cost, and time cost are much higher than the smart pole led screen.

3. Small footprint, small safety hazards

Compared with large outdoor led screens, pole led screens occupy less space, which not only beautifies the urban space, but also reduces potential safety hazards.

4. Low power consumption, more energy saving

The pole led display supports various installation methods such as pillars, horizontal bars, and central suspension. The size can be customized, with low power consumption and more energy saving.

5. Higher ROI

Using the pole led screen, the displayed advertising content can be changed at any time, which is equivalent to increasing the advertising space. The more ad space, the lower the marginal cost and the higher ROI.

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