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Meiyad LED China Exhibition Review


The 13th Shanghai International LED Exhibition (LED China) was successfully concluded yesterday. As a bellwether for China's LED display industry, it attracted many domestic and international enterprises. During the three days, there was a continuous stream of visitors, and the exhibitors were able to use all their efforts to ignite the enthusiasm of the crowd. The exhibition was very popular.

With the unique-modeling products, Meiyad has attracted many visitors to stop and consult.

And our sales elite’s warmly receptions and professional solutions has won much praise from visitors.

Meiyad provided with so many products in the exhibition, not only including the display through our long-tern development like the Energy-saving Display, the Rental Display, the Interactive Display,the Red, the Green, the Blue and the White Color Display, but also including this year's new series like the Small Pitch, the P2.5 Flexible Spiral Display, the Galaxy Display, the Circular Display.We exhibited our most proud products in each series we producing.

There was the Galaxy Display and the Circular Display. The combination of the two indicated full of the technical sense. If you look carefully, you could find that the surrounding planets were moving either.

The most eye-catching product is our star product - the P2.5 Flexible Spiral Display. The exhibition is the first show of this world’s highest-definition Flexible Display. It was unique, no ”one of”.

Its soft and graceful figure made lots of people surprise. They could not help but took out their mobile phone and shoot it.

In the end, we put on a picture of the group. The brilliant smile from the sales elite indicated that Meiyad had done a great job at the exhibition in Shanghai.

The success of Meiyad in Shanghai exhibition is inseparable from the support of your new and old customers.We appreciate your continued support, and we will continue to make efforts to introduce newer and better products to meet your needs. Please stay tuned for our news!

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