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Introduction of Grayscale of LED Display


The grayscale of the led display refers to the degree of brightness. Generally speaking, the higher the grayscale, the richer the colors displayed, the more delicate the picture, and the easier it is to express rich details.

The gray level of the led display refers to the number of brightness levels that can be distinguished from the darkest to the brightest in the same level of brightness of the led display.

The gray level mainly depends on the number of digital-to-analog (A/D) conversion bits of the system. Of course, the video processing chip, memory and transmission system of the system must provide the support of the corresponding number of digits. Generally, there are no grayscale, 8-level, 16-level, 32-level, 64-level, 128-level, 256-level, 1024-level, etc. The higher the gray level of the LED display screen, the richer the color and the brighter the color; on the contrary, the display color is single and the change is simple.

At present, the domestic LED display mainly adopts an 8-bit processing system, that is, 256 levels of gray. A simple understanding is that there are 256 brightness changes from black to white. Using RGB three primary colors can form 256x256x256=16777216 colors. That is commonly referred to as 16 trillion colors.

Although grayscale is an important factor in determining the number of colors, it does not mean that bigger is better. Because first, the resolution of the human eye is limited, and secondly, the increase in the number of system processing bits will involve changes in system video processing, storage, transmission, scanning, etc., and the cost will increase sharply.

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