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Meiyad Magic Cube LED Screen


Why Cube LED Screen?

Are you looking for a real eye-catcher for your exhibition stand, shop or event? Cube LED Screen offers a great way to present your company or product and attract the attention of your customers or visitors.

What's Cube LED Screen?

Cube LED Screen, also known as Magic LED Cube, five or six faces 90°assembling with led displays that assembled completely and brought magnificent effect. Cube led display with 5pcs faces of led screen, can show 5pcs different video seperately, aslo can show a complete video with attractive effects. The Cube LED Screen is guaranteed to be an eye-catching variant of led display. Suitable for any type of stand, shop or (corporate) event.

The advantages of Cube LED Screen

1. Both indoor and outdoor, indoor P1.25/P1.538/P2/P2.5/P3/P4/P5, outdoor P3.91/P4

2. Very suitable for trade fairs or (corporate) events

3. Seamless and smooth transition over the entire cube

4. Effectively attracts visitors' attention

5. Available in different sizes and resolutions

6. Each cube can play video content over the 5 sides, also possible to control each side with different content

Meiyad Magic Cube LED Screen

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