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Meiyad Creative Customized LED Displays Used in Shanghai


Meiyad customized 7 pcs led screens for this project in Shanghai. Each led display has a unique shape and a good display effect, and the customer is very satisfied.

1. Indoor P2 spherical led screen, diameter 2m

Meiyad Indoor P2 spherical led screen

2. Indoor P1.25 round led screen, diameter 2.3m

Meiyad Indoor P1.25 round led screen

3. Indoor P1.538 cube led display, 320mm * 320mm * 5 sides

Meiyad Indoor P1.538 cube led display

4. P3.91 floor tile led display 4500m*2500m

Meiyad P3.91 floor tile led display

5. P1.5625 flexible led video wall 4500m*4000m

P1.5625 flexible led video wall 4500m*4000m

6. P1.5625 flexible led display 7000mm*2000mm

P1.5625 flexible led display

7. P1.5625 flexible led screen 5000mm*1400mm

P1.5625 flexible led screen

Meiyad, your professional flexible creative led screen manufacturer. Meiyad is proud to develop custom led solutions for each and every customer while also providing top-tier customer support throughout the entire experience.

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