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Meiyad Naked-eye 3D LED Video Wall Cases

2022-01-12 www.myddisplay.com

Recently, the outdoor naked-eye 3D led display has attracted the attention of the public, and the creative show has been popular all over the Internet.

Meiyad P8 Outdoor Naked-eye 3D Curved LED Screen 380sqm in Yichang

Meiyad P8 Naked-eye 3D Curved Outdoor LED Screen 380sqm in Yichang

The naked-eye 3D led screen mainly uses video creativity to realize the naked-eye three-dimensional picture. By creating a sense of space in the video picture, it can achieve a three-dimensional effect, get rid of the shackles of 3D glasses, and obtain the visual effect and experience of 3D viewing. When technology and art are highly integrated, reality is injected with a futuristic surreal, and being in the middle is like entering the future.

Meiyad Naked-eye 3D Outdoor LED Video Wall in Urumqi

The Meiyad led displays have the characteristics of high brightness, high refresh, high contrast, high gray scale, large viewing angle, and smooth transition of curved surface/corner. Higher reliability, better consistency, and longer service life, perfectly meeting the needs of naked-eye 3D led video wall scenes.

Meiyad P8 Outdoor LED Display With 3D Video Source in Zhuhai

Meiyad P1.875 Curved Flexible LED Screen With 3D Video Source in Shenzhen

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