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6 Highlights of Meiyad in ISLE 2021

2021-05-08 www.myddisplay.com

Meiyad will be present at ISLE 2021, booth number 10-A08. We will bring fine pitch led display, indoor & outdoor flexible led screen, letter logo led sign, film transparent led display and led donut.

Date: 10/5/2021 - 13/5/2021

Address: Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center

Booth Number: 10-A08

Highlight 1: fine pitch led display

Meiyad fine pitch led display, seamless connection, high contrast ratio, high refresh rate, 16 bit high grey level. Ergonomic design, aspect & resolution ratio 16:9. Each cabinet weighs only 5.8kg, and thickness only 43.5mm, can save the space for the installation. Full front access service, 3840Hz refresh rate which eliminates scan lines and flicker in your display on camera.

Meiyad fine pitch led display

Highlight 2: indoor & outdoor flexible led screen

Embedded magnet, reduce stitching gap. Soft, thin, strong magnets column, patent flexible led module. The outdoor flexible led screen has a protection level of up to IP68 and a fully waterproof design.

Meiyad indoor & outdoor flexible led screen module

indoor & outdoor flexible led screen

Highlight 3: letter logo led sign

Support LOGO special-shaped customization, support 26 English letters customization, suitable for corporate logos, store signs, human interaction and other aspects.

Meiyad letter logo led sign

Highlight 4: led donut & circle led screen

Lightweight and ultra-thin, easy to install, unlimited in size, and can be customized. Suitable for commercial creative advertising, corporate characteristics, regional characteristics, exhibitions, etc.

Meiyad led donut & circle led screen

Highlight 5: cube led display

Intelligent management, suitable for all aspects of store advertising, human interaction, etc. It can effectively publish business information, promotional activities, internal notices, employee style, image display, scrolling subtitles and other content.

Meiyad cube led display

Highlight 6: film transparent led display

High transparency, lightweight and ultra-thin, bendable, easy to install. It can turn glass into an advertising medium and is the best partner for large-screen display in commercial buildings.

Meiyad film transparent led display

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