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The Development Analysis of Small Pixel Pitch LED Display in the Command and Dispatch Market

2021-04-27 www.myddisplay.com

In recent years, the development of small pixel pitch led displays has been booming, and it is sweeping the entire led display industry. Small pixel pitch led display usually refers to indoor led display with pixel pitch below P2.5mm. With the rapid development of information today, small pixel pitch led displays are very popular for seamless splicing, low brightness, high gray, high refresh rate, ultra-high definition, low energy consumption, long life and many other characteristics, showing a rapid development momentum. At present, small pixel pitch led displays have become an indispensable role in public safety, command and dispatch, safe cities and smart cities. As a high-end market at the top of the pyramid of the led display market, the command and dispatch center market has strict requirements for overall applications. With its obvious advantages, the small pixel pitch led screen greatly meets the demand for the use of the command and dispatch center.

Major market distribution of command and dispatch

What is a command and dispatch system? Command and dispatch refers to the comprehensive use of computer, network, communication and automation technologies to transmit command and dispatch instructions and a collection of equipment. It uses the information exchange platform as the core platform to conduct non-blocking and fast information on all participating units through the information exchange platform. Point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and multi-point-to-multipoint information exchange, realizing the rapid upload and release of command and dispatch instructions and information. The command and dispatch system can be divided into electric power command and dispatch system, military command and dispatch system, traffic command and dispatch system, emergency command and dispatch system, and production dispatch system of industrial enterprises according to the occasion of use. Therefore, the command and dispatch system has a wide range of applications, such as railways, urban rail transit, national defense, electric power, coal, emergency command centers and other fields.

(1) Emergency command center field

In the traditional security system, video conferencing and video surveillance do not interfere with each other and run at the same time, which means that in order to ensure the normal use of the security system, it is necessary to invest corresponding maintenance costs on the two systems, which invisibly increases the burden of use . The video command and dispatch system integrates video conferencing, video monitoring, and command and dispatch. It truly achieves "seeing, hearing clearly, calling out, accurate information, accurate positioning, and quick response" to ensure that information is collected quickly and accurately. Orders are issued quickly, which greatly improves the response speed and processing efficiency for emergencies. Provide long-distance, high-speed wireless real-time transmission for fire command, rescue, fire situation, reconnaissance, etc., which greatly improves the speed and efficiency of emergency command and dispatch.

(2) Military defense field

The video dispatch system is suitable for military combat training needs, and exerts a powerful visual real-time interactive command capability in various military training exercises of the military. Through this platform, the command post, training ground and even the field exercise site can be connected as a whole, combined with the military exercise site situation, and realize the close integration of theoretical training with actual troops, installation, and live ammunition operations. At the same time, the military modernization management of military airports and military terminals puts forward higher requirements for integrated management. The application of command and dispatch allows the chief and staff on duty to keep abreast of everything happening at the airport or wharf in their own offices, so as to deal with relevant issues in a timely manner.

(3) Urban rail transit field

As the most important public transportation facility in the city, rail transit has the characteristics of large capacity, short departure intervals, and fast speed. In order to ensure the normal operation and maintenance of rail transit, the role of the command and dispatch system is particularly important. Therefore, the application of the urban rail transit emergency dispatch command system mainly uses information technology to improve emergencies, and improve the efficiency of emergency handling and emergency response of train dispatching command.

(4) Electricity field

The supply of sufficient and stable electric energy directly affects the development of social economy and the happiness of people’s lives. It must rely on a mature and stable modern electric professional dispatching command and control system. This system includes the power grid dispatching command center, power production command center, The power monitoring center, power trading center, etc., are responsible for important functions such as real-time monitoring of grid data, issuing power production instructions, power grid operation scheduling, and emergency handling.

Competitive advantages of small pixel pitch led displays

The command and dispatch market is the high-end market of the pyramid of the large screen display market. For a long time, DLP splicing large screen products have been an evergreen tree in this market and a more reliable display technology in terms of reliability and stability. But the splicing gap is still an important factor that affects the visual experience, and there are splicing gaps in DLP splicing and LCD splicing. The small pixel pitch led display has greater plasticity in splicing due to its seamless splicing feature. From the composition of the entire industry chain, we can also see that the advantages of small pixel pitch led screens are very obvious. As fine pitch led displays are in the semiconductor industry and are affected by Moore’s Law, the performance of major materials including chips, packaging devices, driver ICs, control systems and other major materials have been improved and the cost is very fast. And fine pitch led screens are current the only display technology that can achieve localization in the entire upstream, midstream and downstream industrial chain, and its high cost performance also makes its competitiveness more prominent.

First of all, the command and dispatch center is characterized by its uninterrupted operation around the clock, coping with huge amounts of data, requiring strong information collection, rapid response, overall coordination, and comprehensive scheduling capabilities. The small pixel pitch led display is stable and durable, performance and easy maintenance have become the key to the selection of the command and dispatch center. The new appearance design of the small pixel pitch large led screen is easy to disassemble, beautiful and elegant, and can effectively reduce the failures caused by the wiring, etc., greatly reduce the failure rate of the display, and reduce the human and financial investment in later maintenance.

Secondly, the temporary emergency command and dispatch center is always facing emergency handling after major incidents and natural disasters. In the emergency command, various environmental and emergency situations may occur, such as natural conditions of low air pressure and low temperature in high altitude areas. In addition to stability, led displays are usually required to be easy to install and transport. The small pixel pitch led displays are usually light and thin, and can be flexibly disassembled. In emergency command, they can flexibly respond to various environments and emergencies.

Third, the display-type command and dispatching room is mainly used to receive high-level visits, introduce business and showcase the corporate style, so the display effect of the large-screen display system is very demanding. The seamless seam is precisely the advantage of the small pixel pitch led screen. The integrated picture can avoid the embarrassment of splitting the picture by the seam between the units, and there will be no brightness difference.

Technological innovation of small pixel pitch led display

The above-mentioned advantages can be seen that in the future, small pixel pitch large led screens will become more and more favored by command and control room applications, and become a powerful tool for effectively improving communication efficiency and realizing efficient use and sharing of information in the information age. But at the same time, the small pixel pitch led display still has many technical shortcomings to be overcome, and companies need to increase R&D efforts and investment to innovate from time to time.

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