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New City Landmark, "Naked Eye 3D" LED Display

2021-03-23 www.myddisplay.com

Recently, outdoor "naked-eye 3D" LED displays have quickly become popular in China and become a new landmark in the city, making "naked-eye 3D" led displays once again under the spotlight of the industry and the general public.

How to achieve 3D stereoscopic effect

Speaking of 3D, we think of three-dimensionality. Everything that our eyes see in life is three-dimensional. The principle of 3D formation is because the visual effect of light on the retina will remain for a period of time after the light stops acting. Although the recognition accuracy of the human eye is very high, the time required for the optic nerve to transmit the image to the brain is 1/24 second.

Meiyad P8 Outdoor 3D LED Display

Meiyad naked eye 3D uses this factor to form a continuous picture when the switching speed of multiple freeze-frame pictures reaches 24 frames. This imaging effect is achieved. At the same time, when the device is imaging, all led lights emit light, and the surrounding housing is dark and does not emit light, so when the device is operating, the human eye will only receive the light staying , And dark and non-light ones will be too fast to be distinguished by the brain, so the display effect will only stay on the light displayed by the led, thus achieving the effect of aerial imaging. Then use 3D effect materials, so as to achieve the effect of holographic 3D imaging.

Meiyad P8 Outdoor LED Display with 3D Video Source

Meiyad has launched a naked eye 3D LED solution based on small pixel pitch led display very early. Through the combination of "special screen design + creative video material", the naked eye 3D display effect is realized.

In fact, the seemingly simple but stunning display is behind countless technical polishing and strong product support. In order to achieve a better display effect, Meiyad uses the latest HDR super-quality display technology to make the contrast and refresh of the led display higher, so that it has better display hardware support.

The three-dimensional world can transcend our imagination, and the combination of art and technology has led us into a whole new world. In the future, Meiyad will continue to explore more fashionable and diversified display application solutions on the road of audio-visual technology innovation.

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