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Meiyad Real Outdoor Flexible LED Screen

2020-08-04 www.myddisplay.com

Meiyad real outdoor flexible led screen, after 3 times technical innovation, it is now perfectly presented.

Meiyad Real Outdoor Flexible LED Screen


Parameter of Meiyad outdoor flexible led screen


1. Module use environmentally friendly anti-flame special silicone material, private injection, one-time molding, better consistency.

2. PCB board adopts A-grade glass fiber board material, which has super flame retardant ability.

3. The protection level reaches IP67, with superior waterproof performance.

4. The flexible led screen has very strong flexibility, large bending arc, and the maximum bending arc is more than 120 degrees. It is suitable for a variety of bending and special-shaped scenes.

5. This outdoor flexible led module has many patents, and has undergone 10000 bending and folding tests, high and low temperature resistance tests and UV resistance tests. 3 times technical innovations, the product is more stable and has better quality assurance.

6. It can be customized according to requirement.

Meiyad Outdoor Flexible LED Module

Easy to Maintain

Meiyad Outdoor Flexible LED Display Easy to Maintain

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