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Why Are Flexible LED Display Screens So Popular?

2020-06-16 www.myddisplay.com

Flexible led display screen refers to an led display that can be bent arbitrarily without being damaged. Its circuit board is made of a special flexible material and will not be broken due to bending. It is widely used in column led screens and other various special-shaped places in shopping malls. With the rapid development of the led display industry, the current production technology of flexible led display has matured, and various customized large led screens can also be completed by the flexible led display, so that it is becoming more and more popular in the market. So, what makes flexible led screens so popular in the market?

P2.5 Tunnel Flexible LED Display in Shanghai

P2.5 Tunnel Flexible LED Display in Shanghai

1. Flexible led display screen is easy to bend, and can achieve a variety of installation methods, such as floor-mounted installation, hanging installation, embedded installation, hanging installation, etc. With a wide range of applications, it can realize the installation of various exquisite and creative customized led display screens.

2. Small pixel pitch flexible led display with pixel pitch of P1.5625, P1.875, P2, P2.5, more suitable for indoor installation. Even if it is installed close to people, it can be displayed in high definition. The refresh rate reaches 3840Hz, and has a higher resolution, high picture restoration.

3. Low power consumption and super energy saving. The maximum power consumption of the flexible led display is about 240W/m2, and the average power consumption is about 85W/m2, which greatly reduces the power consumption and improves the power utilization rate. Especially for large led displays, ultra-low power consumption can save a lot of electricity costs every year.

4. Wide application fields. The flexible led screen can be used as a conventional led display or a special field, and can also be used to make creative shaped led screens, cylindrical led screens, spherical led screens, curved led screens, etc.

Cylindrical LED Screen in Italy Shopping Mall

Cylindrical LED Screen in Italy Shopping Mall

Curved LED Screen in Russian Bank

Curved LED Screen in Russian Bank

The wide application of flexible led displays is not only popular in the domestic market, but also in overseas markets. Most of the column led screens in major shopping malls and special-shaped led display screens in entertainment venues use flexible led display screens. Whether in terms of aesthetics or product flexibility, they are easy to satisfy the public's aesthetic and can be used for decoration. At the same time, it can also be used for video advertising, cultural and entertainment promotion, etc.

The flexible led display is in line with people's pursuit of personalized aesthetics, and is a video led display device that adapts to social and economic development. Both in the current and future, there is huge room for development to meet the growing personalized customization needs.

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