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P4 Flexible LED Display Soft LED Module

2020-01-04 www.myddisplay.com

Meiyad P4 Flexible Soft LED Module SMD 2121, 62500 pixel/m2, 256mm*128mm, 16S.

Features of Flexible Soft LED Module

1. High contrast: using pure black lamp beads, equipped with soft mask, greatly improve the contrast.

2. Good flatness: the magnet adopts inlay process to make it more flat.

3. Convenient maintenance: The module adopts magnetic front-maintenance design, which makes maintenance easier.

Showcases of P4 Flexible LED Display

German Exhibition P4 Bendable LED Screen                                                          Turkish Hospital Indoor P4 Flexible LED Display

Luxembourg Bar P4 Flexible LED Screen                                                                 India Shopping Center P4 Flexible LED Display

Our Advantage

Customized soft PCB, soft mask and silicon frame

12 pcs strong magnets for better flatness

4+ years professional experience

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