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The Application of Fine Pitch LED Screen in Conference Field

2019-11-21 www.myddisplay.com

Now, there are more and more meetings. According to the Harvard Business Review Survey, there are an average of 1,100 group meetings per day in the United States. Each executive has a formal meeting time of 3.5 hours per day, compared to one hour in informal time. In China, the average weekly meeting is 5.1 times, and the duration is up to 60 minutes. The holding of numerous conferences has given birth to a display market related to the conference system.

DLP projector used in meeting room

The conference has moved from a traditional conference to a modern conference. In modern conferences, DLP projector can display PPT, graphics, sound, images and other documents. So it occupies the main position of the conference system. However, the DLP projector also has its own inherent shortcomings, such as insufficient brightness. In the conference, the speaker needs to close all the doors and windows to make the presentation on the projection screen clearer.

LCD screen used in meeting room

With the development of modern conferences, video conferences are increasing. The resolution of the LCD screen can reach 1920*1080, which can meet the display requirements of most film sources. In addition, its screen color contrast is high, can reach 5000:1, so the contrast between the display and the image is stronger, the text display is more clear. Another important function of the LCD screen is to display multiple telecom signal content simultaneously on a single screen. For example, if four screens are spliced, only need one matrix to be connected to four computers, and a large screen can be allocated to display the contents of one computer, which is more convenient to use. However, the LCD screen also has problems such as seams and cannot be spliced freely.

DLP projector and LCD screen have inherent flaws and deficiencies. The fine pitch led display has the advantages of high brightness and unlimited splicing, which solves the problems encountered in DLP projector and LCD display. Therefore, the small pixel pitch led display can enter the conference system to open up its own market.

fine pitch led display used in meeting room

The led display manufacturer's exploration in the conference system has expanded the power of led small pixel pitch in the commercial market.

The exploration of led display manufacturers in the conference system has promoted the standardization of small pitch led screen in the commercial market.

LED displays have always been engineering products. LED display manufacturers explore the size and display ratio of conference system products, which will further promote the standardization of small pitch led screen commercial applications. The small pitch led display is explored in the commercial standardization of conference systems, which accumulates more experience for the exploration of small spans in commercialization of other fields.

The fine pitch led display manufacturers are also moving toward integration while exploring standardization in conference systems.

Intelligent meeting is a direction for future conference development. The intelligentization of the conference will require the use of more modern emerging technologies such as AI and 5G. The application of these technologies will also make the fine pitch led screen more intelligent.

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